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We've fallen in love with 12 teen moms and their 12 babies in Kenya. And we've got five special gifts we want to give them for Christmas this year. Van, Classroom, Generator, Computer Lab and New Home. This is Mercy House Kenya. They're family and sisters you can meet without leaving home. Come to Kenya with us! Let's give the gift of mercy together!

Phase 1:
Drive Mercy {Van} FULLY FUNDED

Phase 2: Learn Mercy {Classroom Additions} FULLY FUNDED

Phase 3: Generate Mercy {Generator} FULLY FUNDED

Phase 4:
Advance Mercy {Computer Lab} FULLY FUNDED

Phase 5:
Live Mercy {Second Home} FULLY FUNDED - Because of this crazy God-sized Christmas miracle we've opened a 6th phase to furnish this house! Yeow!!

- - -

UPDATE: You all truly blew us away with this. EVERYTHING is fully funded, and we are over here jumping up and down and raising praises in thanks to God. He outdid Himself on this one. :)

Because of the overwhelming demand to continue to support this beautiful story we have continued to post needs accordingly.

Phase 6:  Furnishings and Security for Second home FULLY FUNDED

Phase 7:  Books and Education Materials for Women and Children's 2014 School Year FULLY FUNDED

Phase 8:  Staff & Caretaker Training FULLY FUNDED

Phase 9:  Support for one new Mercy House Kenya Resident FULLY FUNDED

Phase 10:  Support for a second new Mercy House Kenya Resident

Thank you will never be sufficient!

- - -

For the last three years we’ve been on a journey of amazement and wonder with (in)courage contributor, Kristen Welch. It’s taken us into the slums of Kenya and connected us to women a half a world away who are our neighbors and sisters in Christ.

In Kristen’s words, "We are just a simple family who said yes when God asked."

Terrell and Kristen have been married for 18 years and are raising three children. Kristen writes the parenting blog, We are THAT family and contributes a monthly post to (in)courage.

And three years ago we followed her as she traveled to Kenya, Africa, with Compassion International, the world's largest child sponsorship program, to blog their relief efforts in the slums of Nairobi.

We followed her into heartbreak at the conditions of Kenya’s daughters who are taken advantage of and forced into backstreet abortions.

And then we followed in awe and prayer and amazement as Kristen and Terrell followed God on the journey to open a safe house and home for young mothers and their babies in the heart of Kenya. They call it, Mercy House. 

And it's funded almost entirely by moms here in the States who may never travel to Kenya. But who have an amazing spiritual inheritance now in a place that exists because they followed a missionary call all without ever actually leaving home.

This Spring we followed the call of (in)courage co-founder and contributor, Stephanie Bryant, to help build a playground for the Mercy House kids. And that project was funded in just 24 hours!

And this Fall we want to do more than follow. This Fall we want to join the journey. We want to help provide essentials to the safety and sustainability of Mercy House and its 12 moms and 12 babies.

And we want to invite you to join us.

Four months, five projects. Just in time for Christmas.

Here are the two ways you can participate in this 6th and crazy unexpected final phase!

  • Give – Click on the side bar to donate towards a second house for Mercy House.

  • Share – Would you click to tweet this ---> Now that we have fully funded a 2nd Mercy House home, we get to furnish the house! #ChristmasMiracle #inmercy

Quick links to all (in)Mercy phases

Phase 1 - Van Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5

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Funded - December 03, 2013
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by (in)courage 288 Lives Impacted

We've fallen in love with 12 teen moms and their 12 babies in Kenya. And we've got five special gifts we want to give them for Christmas this year....

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  • $74,000 Funding Goal
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