Second Home for Mercy House Kenya

Second Home for Mercy House Kenya

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Funding Successful! This project was successfully funded on December 03, 2013

Expand the vision and capacity of Mercy House Kenya

A second home will allow space to help more girls, and in the future it will serve as a place for classrooms, all programs and offices.

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Funds directed towards the purchase of home that is already constructed

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We are stunned and feel like we are on holy ground that Phase 5 would be funded so quickly. God is amazing and our community is generous as Jesus moves in each of you, and WOW, we hardly even have words!!! Because our sisters in Kenya - those who are living Mercy and those who desperately need Mercy - have so many real needs, we're offering you with joy this sixth phase. 

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We don't want anyone to miss out on the joy of getting to BE the G.I.F.T, we want every single one of us to get the joy of being part of this breathtaking God story. Go to Phase 6 Though we've now helped fund a second house, it doesn't have any furnishings, appliances, etc. In addition, security for the home, another housemother, costs per each new mom and baby, and new programs for single moms in the Kenya slums add up. They add up to an overwhelming cost - overwhelming to US...but not to our God!

In the summer of 2013, Mercy House was able to purchase it's first permanent home. It's a six bedroom home that currently houses 12 resident moms and their 12 babies, under the age of 2 1/2. It also includes a small educational space, an office, skills development, vocational programs, storage, etc. It's a crowded, busy place!

Immediately after purchasing this first residential home, Mercy House began saving funds for a second home nearby. Not only will it allow space to help more girls, it will serve as the future home to house classrooms, all programs and offices.

Here are the three ways we are asking you to participate and Be the Greatest Gift this Christmas:

Give – Click on the side bar to donate towards a second house for Mercy House.

Share – Would you click to tweet this: Christmas is coming and there’s no room in the house for 1 more baby. Let’s change that! 

Rally – If 100 people join their Twitter or Facebook accounts with ours by clicking here, a Thunderclap of a social media call to action will go out on Wednesday!

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  • $53,000 Funding Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
  • 30 Lives Impacted
  • Funded Dec 03, 2013

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Mercy House Global 3K
Mercy House Global
Magnolia, TX, US
Mercy House Global empowers vulnerable families with hope and opportunities.

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Funded - December 03, 2013
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Second Home for Mercy House Kenya

by Mercy House Global Kenya Opportunity

A second home will allow space to help more girls, and in the future it will serve as a place for classrooms, all programs and offices.

$53,110 Amount Raised
  • $53,000 Funding Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
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