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  • Age 18 years old
  • Country Haiti
  • Gender Male
Kendy is everyone's best friend at the Freedom House. He is always kind and does what he is told with a smile on his face. Kendy remembers what it was like to be so hungry that he would steal food which makes him so grateful for all he has today.

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While Kendy was not a restavek (child slave), he nevertheless had an extremely difficult life. His father died, leaving his mother with 7 children to care for. His brother had recently passed away from malnutrition when Kendy was rescued. Kendy suffered from severe malnutrition and was labeled “at risk”. He had no shoes, no decent clothes, and had never been to school. He lived in extreme poverty. He also had worms and dental problems. He is from a rural area called Laborde. 

As part of our sponsorship family, you can help love, feed, and care for these precious children.


Each child needs $200 per month to provide their basic needs.

Family Tree Sponsorship -

This sponsorship is divided into (4) $50 increments allowing multiple sponsors per child

Full sponsorship - 

A donation of $200 per month will completely fund your sponsored child’s basic needs.


  • 2-4 times a year you will receive a newsletter with updates

  • Annual photo

  • The joy of knowing that you are changing the life of a child forever


  • Housing and basic living essentials

  • Clean drinking water

  • Three nutritious meals per day

  • Trade school programs

  • School tuition, entrance fees, exam fees and school uniform

  • Christ-centered curriculum and teacher training

  • Access to onsite medical staff regularly and a clinic throughout the year as well as dental care


Click on the SPONSOR button in the child’s profile. Follow the instructions to set up your giving.

*Your donation is tax deductible. The Freedom House is a 501c3 non-profit organization.


  • Send letters or photos to your child through the child sponsorship program anytime throughout the year. Mail them to:

    Freedom House Haiti

    2613 Cross Creek Drive

    Maryville, TN 37803

  • Pray for your child each day

  • 26 Sponsorships
  • 33 Sponsors Needed
  • 26 Lives Impacted
  • 71 Sponsors

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Freedom House Haiti 0
Freedom House Haiti
Maryville, TN, US
Freedom House is home to 27 children in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti who were once restave...

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18 years old Male Haiti

Kendy is everyone's best friend at the Freedom House. He is always kind and does what he is told with a smile on his face. Kendy remembers what it ...

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