Available Sponsorships

  • Nelson

    14 years old Male Haiti

    Nelson came to the Freedom House very quiet and shy. He has grown so much in so many ways since his arrival. He is a thriving young boy with so muc...

  • Kendy

    18 years old Male Haiti

    Kendy is everyone's best friend at the Freedom House. He is always kind and does what he is told with a smile on his face. Kendy remembers what it ...

  • Jameson

    16 years old Male Haiti

    Where there is trouble, there is Jameson! He is such a great helper and eager to do anything to stay busy but when he isn't, he will find things to...

  • Chinayder

    13 years old Male Haiti

    Chinayder is a quiet little boy. He is sweet and patient for such a young child. He has the most beautiful eyes and will knock you out with his smile!

  • Rachel

    17 years old Female Haiti

    Rachel is Prospere's younger sister. She is newer to the Freedom House. Rachel is always smiling and happy to be a part of anything going on. We ar...

  • Stael

    16 years old Male Haiti

    Stael may be small for his age but he is fierce. He is so smart and will no doubt go far in his education. He expresses his feelings for others oft...

  • Ricot

    13 years old Male Haiti

    Ricot came to the Freedom House with some developmental difficulties. We have taken the time to invest in him and get him the help he needed. Ricot...

  • Ronaldo

    15 years old Male Haiti

    Ronaldo came to the Freedom House in 2017. His older brother, Rony, also live at the house. Ronaldo is so much fun and loves to play jokes, we are ...

  • Prospere

    19 years old Male Haiti

    Prospere has a smile that can light up a room and he knows it! He is kind and loving and is a great care giver to others.

  • Rose Kaline

    16 years old Female Haiti

    Rose Kaline has the most contagious giggle at the Freedom House! Her laugh fills the house with such happiness. Rose is little for her age but she ...

  • Mackenson

    19 years old Male Haiti

    Mackenson is one of the newer additions to the Freedom House. He has had a tough life prior to his arrival. We are still getting to know him an can...

  • Lodjina

    14 years old Female Haiti

    Lodjina loves all things girly! She likes sparkly shoes, cute clothes and is very dainty. You can find Lodjina anywhere where there is a camera rea...

Fully Funded Sponsorships

  • Sponsored - November 08, 2023
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    12 years old Female Haiti

    Lina is such a beautiful young girl and is as joy to have at the Freedom House. She wears her emotions on her sleeve so if she's happy or sad you'l...

  • Sponsored - November 20, 2023
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    15 years old Female Haiti

    Diekilene is a girly girl! She loves all things sparkly and beautiful. Dresses, sequins, glitter and lace are her love language.

  • Sponsored - August 14, 2018
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    23 years old Male Haiti

    Pierre-Rene is the oldest of the young adults in the Freedom House Transition Program. He is very quiet, kind and is always pleasant to others arou...

  • Sponsored - November 22, 2023
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    21 years old Male Haiti

    Francky is one of the oldest boys in our program. He is kind, smart and so good hearted! We are excited to see how God will use Francky.

  • Sponsored - August 17, 2019
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    13 years old Male Haiti

    Revy is extremely smart and takes his time on everything he does to ensure it is done with perfection! He is loving and so full of laughter. We enj...

  • Sponsored - November 02, 2023
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    10 years old Male Haiti

    Lovensky is our youngest. He is a strong and determined little boy that plays hard and loves big!

  • Sponsored - November 20, 2023
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    16 years old Female Haiti

    Lidiane is such a great example for all the younger girls. She is kind, always smiling and full of joy!

  • Sponsored - November 19, 2023
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    16 years old Male Haiti

    Celafwa is always ready to play and be where the action is. He also is a great dancer! He is kind and a good brother to all his Freedom House family.

  • Sponsored - November 15, 2023
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    15 years old Male Haiti

    Jolesse has the kindest sole and is always so happy. You would never know he has a past that could bring you to tears.