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Hurricane Matthew Emergency Response

Hurricane Matthew Emergency Response

Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti

Update #3 - Saturday, October 8 Posted about ago

Dear partner,

Thank you for your generous contribution to Heartline’s Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund. I’m deeply grateful to share that we have nearly reached our initial goal of raising $25,000 to provide emergency food, water purification tablets, and other critical relief supplies to children and families in need of help. Thank you for standing with us as we work with our partners to protect the lives and dignity of survivors.

Now that aid groups and Heartline’s team have reached some of the communities that were initially inaccessible due to impassable roads, overflowing rivers, and destroyed infrastructure it is evident that the extent of the damage is far greater than previously understood. We are shocked and saddened by the depth and breadth of destruction to people’s homes and livelihoods, and the increasing reports of loss of life from Haiti’s southern peninsula.

In light of this heartbreaking reality, Heartline Ministries’ leadership has decided to increase the impact of our relief and recovery program - doubling this fundraiser’s goal to $50,000.

Photo Credit: Michael Capponi - Global Empowerment Mission

With increased funds, Heartline and trusted partner organizations will be able to provide for the longer term recovery needs of victims. Providing life-saving assistance is the priority today and in the coming days and weeks. After the initial relief period, we are committed to helping families rebuild their lives and assets.

Thank you for standing with those in Haiti during this difficult time, and for partnering with local organizations who are best equipped to respond to the needs of their communities. We are deeply moved by your outpouring of support for the victims of Hurricane Matthew.

You can continue to support Heartline’s efforts by helping to share the reality of what many Haitians are facing in the wake of this storm.

From all of us at Heartline, I thank you for your partnership and prayers.


Troy Livesay

Director, Heartline Ministries

Stewardship is of the utmost importance to Heartline Ministries and we are committed to excellent financial management of the resources entrusted to us. All funds received will be used for emergency relief and long term recovery efforts in response to Hurricane Matthew.
Hurricane Matthew Emergency Response
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Heartline Ministries - Haiti

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Heartline Ministries - Haiti 1K
Sunnyside, WA, AF
Strengthening families and preventing child orphanhood in Haiti.
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Heartline Ministries - Haiti
Sunnyside, WA, AF

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Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti

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Funded - October 13, 2016
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Hurricane Matthew Emergency Response

by Heartline Ministries - Haiti 300 Lives Impacted Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department...

Hurricane Matthew Emergency ResponseHurricane Matthew struck Haiti on Tuesday with fierce 145 mph winds and torrential rain, causing widespread flo...

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