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Heartline Ministries - Haiti

Heartline Ministries - Haiti

Sunnyside, WA, AF

Strengthening families and preventing child orphanhood in Haiti.

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Heartline aims to strengthen families and prevent children from becoming orphans by empowering Haitians through education, employment, maternal health care, job skills training, and Christian outreach.


Strengthening families by providing mothers in Haiti with excellent maternal health care. Women find love, support, education, medical care, relationship, and respect at the Maternity Center.

Heartline's Maternity Center provides prenatal care, labor and delivery services, postpartum care, and education to the underserved women of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Heartline approaches maternal health care with a model based in respect, quality care, love, and relationship building. The women that enter the prenatal program are known by name and their stories are known by the midwives that help to see them through a safe pregnancy and delivery. After delivery, women receive ongoing support for the first six months of their child’s life through child development classes, check ups, breastfeeding support, and community. 


Strengthening families by equipping and empowering women with literacy and job skills that give them the opportunity to pursue their dreams and provide for their families.

Over 100 women graduate from the Heartline Women’s Education Center each year with literacy and job skills that enable them to start businesses, earn an income, pursue their dreams, and provide for their families. The Women’s Education Center provides classes in Literacy, Sewing, Cooking, Artisan skills, and more. The WEC is run and taught by Haitians and is accredited by the government. Times of worship, Bible study, and fellowship are foundational elements of this program. We desire for women to discover their God-given talents and abilities, and know that they are treasured and precious to the Lord. 


Strengthening families by encouraging men to grow in their own faith while equipping them to become Christ-like leaders in their families, communities, and churches.

The Men’s Discipleship Program incorporates Bible study, teaching, prayer, outreach, and a working partnership with Heartline’s Beltis Bakery. While growing in their own faith, the men also intentionally minister to others. Discipleship participants lead Bible studies for incarcerated juveniles and have a prayer ministry at a local hospital. Through the program’s partnership with the bakery, men learn job skills that will help them provide for their families while practicing Christian character in the workplace. The program is led by a local Haitian leader, Moise, whose passion is leading men so that they can teach others. 


Strengthening families by empowering children through education. Sponsors partner with families in Haiti to provide children with the opportunity to attend school.

The cost of education in Haiti is high. With a majority of the population making less than $2 a day, too often parents are forced to choose between providing basic necessities for their families and sending their children to school. The sponsorship program empowers children in Haiti through education and allows individuals to personally invest in the life of a child. With the support of a sponsor, students are able to attend school and receive a daily meal. Through these partnerships, Heartline has many opportunities to share the gospel with students and their families.

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Heartline Ministries - Haiti

Sunnyside, WA, AF

Strengthening families and preventing child orphanhood in Haiti.

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