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                 This Father's Day, Give A Different Kind of Gift!

Honor your dad by giving $50+ to the projects listed below & we will provide you with a signed copy of "A Story Unfinished" by 99 Balloons Founder, Matt Mooney. 

Father's Day. A wonderful holiday that we get to spend celebrating the men in our life that help raise us, teach us the valuable lessons of life, and love us...unconditionally. 

LOVE is a great word to describe what 99 Balloons wants to do this Father's Day! 99 Balloons wants to celebrate the gift of amazing dads by celebrating family. How you might ask?

Support two of 99 Balloon's projects this holiday that help support families of children with disabilities in both India and Kenya

Instead of giving your dad the typical father's day gift {a new pocketknife, golf balls, something to clean his grill with...and other manly things}, give him something that will make a lasting impact--that will never fade, or be thrown away, or be put in the back of the closet. 

Give hope to a family. Give love. Give a family the chance to have everything your father would want you to have in life. 

This Father's Day we would love to have you walk alongside us! 

And, to sweeten the deal, if you donate $50 or more to our fundraiser, we will send you a signed copy of Matt Mooney {99 Balloon's Founder} book "A Story Unfinished"


"Within the pages of A Story Unfinished, Matt Mooney weaves together the surprising heights and heartbreaking depths of 99 days with his son, Eliot.  In so doing, he challenges us all to see the beauty that God has crafted within the painful realities that we all will face."    
Mark Merrill, president of Family First and author of All Pro Dad: Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids.

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  • $1,526 Funding Goal
  • $1,516 Still Needed
  • 122 Lives Impacted
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Ended - June 30, 2013
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An "Unfinished" Father's Day

by 99 Balloons 122 Lives Impacted

                 This Father's Day, Give A Different Kind of Gift!Honor your dad by giving $50+ to the projects listed below & we will provide ...

$10 Amount Raised
  • $1,526 Funding Goal
  • $1,516 Still Needed
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