Early Intervention Center in India

Early Intervention Center in India

Dharna, Rajasthan, India
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Renovate and Equip a Center for Kids with Disability

The Samvedna project in Northwest India has just acquired a new space to use as an Early Intervention Center for kids and families affected by disability. Help them renovate, equip and furnish the space to make it conducive for working with kids.

Renovations and Furnishings for Center
Including paint, toys, learning aids, etc. to turn space into Early Intervention Center

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Changing perceptions of disability in india

99 Balloons is partnered with a program in Northwest India that is changing the perceptions of disability in their community. In India, individuals born with disability are seen as cursed. Most people in Northwest India are of Hindu background and believe in Karma, which means that a person born with a disability is thought to have done something wrong in a previous life.

There is a great program taking place called "Samvedna" which is providing resources and services for families affected by disability in over 100 villages in Northwest India. They are helping these families see the value and importance that their children have, and helping educate them on particular diagnoses as well as providing support and therapy equipment.

more space = more opportunities for change

Samvedna has recently acquired more space to have an Early Intervention Center where more families can come for resources, support, and services. Currently, any work that takes place at the center is done outside or in a small office. However, during monsoon season, or the summer heat or winter cold, it's not feasible to do trainings outdoors.

Now, with more space available, they can begin to have an environment that's more conducive to working with children with special needs. 

Once the space is renovated and equipped with toys, learning aids and equipment, it will be such a great resource for families affected by disability who otherwise have nowhere to turn for services and help. This center will truly be a place that will transform lives for many children and families.

Please join us in helping make this new space a perfect Early Intervention Center for children with special needs in Northwest India!

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  • $1,265 Funding Goal
  • $693 Still Needed
  • 88 Lives Impacted
  • Ended Jul 31, 2013

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Ended - July 31, 2013
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Early Intervention Center in India

by 99 Balloons Dharna, Rajasthan, India Opportunity

The Samvedna project in Northwest India has just acquired a new space to use as an Early Intervention Center for kids and families affected by disa...

$572 Amount Raised
  • $1,265 Funding Goal
  • $693 Still Needed
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