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Perfect Imperfection 

Adopting before marriage was never my intention. The plan I had for myself was to finish my PhD, find a wonderful man to marry and then settle down and start a family together. But this was MY plan, not the Lords. He had something else in store for me. 

I sat down on the computer and briefly looked through an adoption website. I have been fortunate in my life to have family members who are Deaf, so I have been fluent in American Sign Language my whole life. So, it was my intention to adopt a child with special needs, specifically Deafness. 

However, as I searched through many children, I saw little "Gabe"—a beautiful little boy with special needs. While his special needs were not exactly what I was looking for, I could not deny the ferocity in which my heart reached out to him. He was perfect! It only got better as I further looked into "Gabe" and saw that he had a twin sister—and again, it was like my heart claimed them before my mind could catch up. I tried to stay open minded as I continued to search, but this time my heart and my head kept going back to "Gabe" and "Gabby." I started the adoption process immediately. I wasn't sure how I was going to make it work financially, but I knew that these two precious angels were worth any effort, time and heartache that came my way.

"Gabe" has a variety of special needs (hydrocephalus, epilepsy, quadraperisis, and a few others) all of which will be welcomed and embraced by me and my family. I have consulted with several doctors regarding his needs and am familiar with his medical needs and possible medical interventions. Currently, however, his needs are not being cared for in the orphanage in which he resides. Thus, the adoption process has been expedited so that I can get him home soon in order to get him the treatment and care he deserves. 

These two children were put directly in my path. I wasn't looking for them. And from the moment I saw them I knew they were supposed to be mine. I wasn't sure how it would happen - but I felt absolute peace that somehow, it would. 

I wish I could say that my decision to adopt was all about the children, but the truth is, I’m selfish. It is my eyes that well-up with tears when I think of them, my home that will contain such joy, my heart that will be filled, and my life that will be forever blessed. 

This adoption process has been frustrating, difficult, overwhelming, and one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.  (Please see my blog for more information on my beautiful journey to bring my kids home.

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by Brieanne Van De Graaff 1 Lives Impacted

Perfect Imperfection Adopting before marriage was never my intention. The plan I had for myself was to finish my PhD, find a wonderful man to marr...

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