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  • Age 5 years old
  • Country United States
  • Gender Male
Jules is happy baby who came to live at Grace house around the beginning of 2018.

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Jules is the youngest and newest member of the Grace family. He arrived through our community
nutrition program at the beginning of 2018. He is he youngest of six children born to a single mother.
Because Jules has unique health care needs, living at Grace House has given he and his mother the
opportunity to obtain specialized care. We have witnessed God raise Jules from a very fragile condition
to a thriving twelve-month-old who loves to talk, laugh and crawl. We are grateful to the Lord that He
has chosen us to help care for Jules at this stage of his life, but we all pray for the day he can be
reunified with his mom and siblings. Until that time, Jules care requires monthly hospital trips to Port au
Prince, as well as a one-on-one caregiver, and specialized diet. To meet all these needs, GSA is in need of
extra sponsorship support for him.
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Program Information

Grace Children's Home Mirebalais, Haiti
Bring Healing and Hope to Haiti's Children

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Grace So Amazing Ministries 0
Grace So Amazing Ministries
Franklin, TN, US
Grace So Amazing is a Christian non-profit organization working to lessen the devastati...

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5 years old Male United States

Jules is happy baby who came to live at Grace house around the beginning of 2018.

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