Child Sponsorship Program

Child Sponsorship Program

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  • Abigail Joselyne

    13 years old Female United States

    Abigail is an amazing young girl and has huge potential to become a Godly leader.

  • Allen Musimenta

    21 years old Female Uganda

    Allen has a mother and father, but her mother her home is unsafe and her parents don't currently have the financial means to care for her so BTCM i...

  • Anitah Kusemererwa

    17 years old Female Uganda

    Anitah's mother was a Rwandese bought bride and when she found out her husband had AIDS she abandoned the children and went back to Rwanda. Her fat...

  • Annet Aliganyira

    9 years old Female Uganda

    Annet's mother was a Rwandnese bought bride. When her father found out he had AIDS, she ran back to Rwanda leaving the children. Then her father pa...

  • Annet Asaba

    17 years old Female Uganda

    Annet lost her family when she was young. A church member is now fostering her, but she has many children of her own, so we have come alongside he...

  • Augustine Amanya

    22 years old Male Uganda

    Augustine's parents passed away 3 years ago and he has been working to pay his own school fees. He is a hard-working, determined young man with a b...

  • Beatrace Atugonza

    22 years old Female Uganda

    After her father had an accident that left him blind, her mother abandoned her family. Beatrace was leading her father around to beg for to provide...

  • Benedict Akankunda

    19 years old Male Uganda

    His mother died in 2010 and his father was buried on Christmas 2013. There are no relatives that would care for him or his brothers so BTCM has ste...

  • Bob John

    20 years old Male Uganda

    Bob John's mother and father both passed away and he is living with an aunt. He is a joyful young boy!

  • Boneface Nuwagaba

    18 years old Male Uganda

    He came to BTCM when his mother died. His father is alive and is a local community leader but has neglected him and will not claim him. Although he...

  • Brenda Mbabazi

    17 years old Female Uganda

    Brenda came to BTCM when her mother died and the same month her father was murdered. Her elderly grandmother was trying to care for her and her 3 s...

  • Brenda Murungi

    18 years old Female Uganda

    Brenda lost both her parents when she was young. We have come alongside her grandmother to help her care for Brenda. She is a sweet young girl wi...

Fully Funded Sponsorships

  • Sponsored - February 07, 2021
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    Aaron Manzi

    7 years old Male Uganda

    Aaron is a miracle and is a testimony to the faithfulness of God. He was found outside a school gate completely alone, abandoned, and starving. He ...

  • Sponsored - January 05, 2023
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    Abel Ssewante

    13 years old Male Uganda

    Abel came to BTCM because his father abandoned his family and his mother is struggling after the loss of one of her twin babies to find good work. ...

  • Sponsored - January 23, 2023
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    Abraham Yashiri

    5 years old Male United States

    Abraham is the sweetest most determined little boy. Though he struggles with spina bifida he doesn't let it stop him. We have come alongside his gr...

  • Sponsored - January 19, 2023
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    Abraham Nasasira

    8 years old Male Uganda

    Abraham is a wonderful boy and he lives with his father and sibling. BTCM stepped in to help when his mother abandoned the family and we found that...

  • Sponsored - February 07, 2021
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    Agatha Nyamwiza

    17 years old Female Uganda

    Agatha lives in a family of 8 children (3 of whom have disabilities), all of whom their mother is caring for as their father passed away in 2016. A...

  • Sponsored - January 14, 2023
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    Agnes Katusabe

    18 years old Female Uganda

    Agnes loves to play netball on our campus! BTCM came into her life when her mother abandoned her we found that her father passed away in 2015. She ...

  • Sponsored - February 07, 2021
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    Alexander Makaya

    17 years old Male Uganda

    Alexander's mother passed away in 2010 and his father was buried on Christmas in 2013. There is no relatives that would care for him or his brother...

  • Sponsored - February 07, 2021
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    Allen Ainembabazi

    18 years old Female Uganda

    Her mother passed away and then her father abandoned her so she came to BTCM as her weak and elderly grandma can no longer care for her. She is a w...

  • Sponsored - February 07, 2021
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    Alpha Asiimwe

    9 years old Male Uganda

    Alpha is at BTCM because his mother abandoned him. His father is trying to care for him but struggling to feed himself and his family. Alpha is a w...

  • Sponsored - January 20, 2023
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    Andrew Wamani

    6 years old Male Uganda

    Andrew was abandoned in a garden for several days and was discovered almost dead and brought to us by Kagadi police. God is so faithful to rescue A...

  • Sponsored - February 07, 2021
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    Angelica Tumusiime

    6 years old Female Uganda

    Angelica's mom passed away a week after she was born. Her father was trying to feed her but wasn't able and she was starving so he brought her to B...

  • Sponsored - January 24, 2023
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    Angelica Kemigabo

    11 years old Female Uganda

    Angelica's father passed away in 2013 and her mother was left sick, alone and helpless. Her mother then passed in January 2014 and so BTCM has step...