South Africa #TenDollarTribe

South Africa #TenDollarTribe

Organized by Help One Now and 135 members

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A minimum monthly donation of $10.00 is required

one time donation by check available


Karen Anderson 0
Karen Anderson
Rock Falls
Jana Beougher 0
Jana Beougher
Deltona, Florida, United States
Lisa Milman 17
Lisa Milman
Springfield, VA, United States
Jody Garner 1
Jody Garner
Lakewood, CA
Harmony Harkema 1
Harmony Harkema
Memphis, Tennessee, United States
  • 57K

    Lives Impacted
  • 135

Help One Now
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Help One Now is a catalytic tribe committed to empowering and resourcing high-capac...

South Africa #TenDolla...

Organized by Help One Now

Help One Now is doing orphan prevention and family empowerment projects in partnership with Take Action Ministries in the area surrounding Pretoria...

  • 57K

    Lives Impacted
  • 135

A Pure Charity Giving Circle
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