School Supplies (Legacy Project)

School Supplies (Legacy Project)

Ouest, Haiti
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Continue Giving (School Supplies for Legacy)

Help One Now will build a school at Yaveh Shamma, an orphanage in Petionville, Haiti, to benefit the 30 orphans and 120 vulnerable children that currently attend a tent school and offer a safe space for the surrounding community.

School Supplies
Raise money for the children to have necessary school supplies

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The school building has been funded! And while we celebrate this amazing blessing, we know
that there is still much work to be done to leave a legacy for these 30 orphans & 120 vulnerable

"In Haiti, school represents the only institution where education takes place.  In other words, we [parents] are too busy working and trying to make a living.  A good school is necessary to educate the children, instill moral values, and make sure they have a bright future.” - Pastor Gaetan

The school building has been funded! While we are so grateful to you for helping us meet our goal, there are a few additional things we can help with to keep our 30 orphans and 150 vulnerable children healthy and safe.  

Our commitment to educating our children also includes empowering them with the proper tools to tackle their every day school needs. We are raising an additional $1,500 to ensure that our kids have everything they need to succeed 

Will you help them learn?

Here’s how you can help:

1) Tell your friends.  Tweet, post, email, shout really loud . . . we need everyone to share our affiliate link.  It's still in our hands to make a difference in the lives of the children and teachers that will attend the school.  

2) Shop.  No, really.  The catch is that you have to do it through the Pure Charity website's online partners (like GAP, Target, J. Crew & Apple).  They will donate a percentage to your Online Giving Fund which then you pass on to this project.   

3) Celebrate! We will continue to give the funds to Pastor Gaetan and Yaveh Shamma, so visit us again to see the videos and hear the stories about how your generosity helped, and continues to help change this community! 


Pastor Gaetan took in 14 orphans before the earthquake in Haiti.  He and his wife knew it was the right thing to do.  After 2010’s devastating earthquake took the lives of so many, including his brother and many members of his church, Pastor Gaetan found himself with 16 more orphans in his care.  Since then, we’ve been able to help him build safe buildings to house the children and his family, and he has built a tent school that serves his 30 orphans as well as 120 vulnerable children from the surrounding community.  We are going to build a permanent structure in place of the tents to offer more safety, security, and protection from the brutal Haitian sun.  

Much of our materials will be made in Haiti by Haitians, and the structure will be constructed by Haitians as well.  This way, we can also help grow the Haitian economy at large, creating jobs and helping the workers to provide for their families.

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  • $1,500 Funding Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
  • 242 Lives Impacted
  • Funded Feb 27, 2013

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Funded - February 27, 2013
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School Supplies (Legacy Project)

by Help One Now Ouest, Haiti Opportunity

Help One Now will build a school at Yaveh Shamma, an orphanage in Petionville, Haiti, to benefit the 30 orphans and 120 vulnerable children that cu...

$1,500 Amount Raised
  • $1,500 Funding Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
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