Eyeglass Clinic Peru2

Eyeglass Clinic Peru2

Cusco, Cuzco Region, Peru
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Seeing the world more clearly with a pair of eyeglasses

For many people in the third world, the ability to see is a desperately growing problem. The only source of income may be working with small items. With the simple gift of a pair of eyeglasses, we are able to give back dignity & livelihood.

Eyeglasses & Sunglasses
A pair of eyeglasses will be fitted for patients exhibiting the need by using a simple eye chart.

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Imagine trying to thread a needle under candlelight, and not being able to finish a dress that could be sold in the market to help buy food for your family.  Or looking down the hole of an unresponsive village water pump, and not being able to see why it’s not pumping water for the crowd of people trying to get a drink, cook a meal, or wash their clothes.  The only source of income for many may be mending nets, sewing clothes, or repairing water pumps.  As their ability to see smaller things diminishes, so do their chances of providing essential things for their family.  This is the reality of millions of people the world over.  Peru is also close to the Equator where UV rays are stronger.  When exposed to these rays for long periods of time, it can cause severe damage to eyes if they are not protected.


Reading glasses can help with many problems that require reading and these types of close handwork.  Through the simple gift of seeing more clearly with the use of eyeglasses, we can improve the quality of life for these individuals, essentially giving back their lives, dignity, and ability to provide for their families.



Volunteers, with the aid of a simple eye chart, can safely and easily fit simple reading glasses.

Each pair of glasses costs just cents for us to make.  A simple gift of $5 will be able to produce 3-4 pairs of eyeglasses, as well as the ability for the person behind those glasses to see the world around them with more clarity. 


A team will be going to Cusco in early July and will set up this Eyeglass Clinic, bringing 600 pairs of eyeglasses and 200 pairs of sunglasses.  Help them change how someone sees the world, and be able to see it more clearly.  For good!

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  • 800 Lives Impacted
  • Funded Jun 02, 2013

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Funded - June 02, 2013
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Eyeglass Clinic Peru2

by e3 Partners Cusco, Cuzco Region, Peru Health

For many people in the third world, the ability to see is a desperately growing problem. The only source of income may be working with small items....

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  • $525 Funding Goal
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