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Recycle your garbage, save a life!

Your chance at having a childhood shouldn't be determined by where you are born. But for so many children in war-torn regions, it is a reality. 

Nearly five years ago, unbeknownst to us, our middle daughter, Madeline, was born with a congenital heart defect (CHD). When she was 6 weeks old, we took her in to her doctor for suspected pink eye. Her eye was fine, but an astute resident discovered she was in heart failure. She was immediately admitted to the hospital. By the very next day she was unable to eat without a feeding tube. She had open heart surgery the following week. Today, she is healed and strong.

We are acutely aware that had we lived in most other places in the world and almost any other time in history, Madeline would not be here today. Her survival was possible because so many people gave, supported, prayed and helped without expecting anything in return.  We know we have a responsibility to pay it forward - to help others the way we were helped, and give another family the gift of life. 

Nick and I, together with Madeline and her two sisters, Nora and Lidia, have been collecting recyclables from our friends in and around Iowa City, IA and redeeming them for $0.05 per item to donate to Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC), who is "loving first" to "heal hearts across enemy lines." We will match the amount they earn from the cans and bottles they collect. It is our goal to raise $650, the amount it takes to provide one lifesaving heart surgery for a child in Iraq or Libya.

That amount seems insurmountable when donations come in nickels. But we would love you to join us! Here are a few ways you can help us through the end of September:

1. Contact us via Facebook or this site if you live in Iowa CIty and want us to collect your cans and bottles!

2. If you live somewhere you can redeem your recyclables, you can redeem them in your hometown and donate your proceeds here (whole dollar amounts of $1.00 and up).

3. We are keeping a can/bottle count. If you would like to match the amount of money we collect through recyclables, we will post the amount after mid-September and you can donate the equivalent here.

4. Just donate any amount (whole dollar amounts of $1.00 and up!) on this site! 

NOTE: All donations on this site are tax deductible. You can donate online or print a form and send a check. To donate online you will need to provide your name and email address, which will create a very basic account that gives you your tax receipt record.

A Bit More about PLC

PLC not only works to provide lifesaving heart surgery and training local surgeons, but they are doing so much more with the advance of ISIS. They have been at the forefront of providing relief to those affected by ISIS in areas where no other Western organizations will go. They provide food, shelter, and heat for those stranded in the desert. They give grants to war widows who need a way to provide for their families. They are seeking to send 10,000 displaced children back to school. They are working less than 3 miles from ISIS territory to love and serve those that no one else will help, regardless of religious or ethnic background. And so much more.  

Our family tries to take Jesus's call seriously: to outrageously and sacrificially love, even those you consider enemies. PLC's motto to "love first, love anyway" resonates with us. We feel so privileged to be able to help. 

Join us today by helping us meet or exceed $650.

An enormous THANK YOU to Sparkle Stories ( for not only supporting us in our fundraising, but for providing the ongoing inspiration to the girls to "Pay it Forward" through their amazing stories. 

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Save A Child's Life Today
By Preemptive Love Coalition

Field Partner

Preemptive Love Coalition 1K
Hewitt, TX, US
We go where no one else will go, to love the people no one else will love.
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

Fundraiser Organizer

Kristin Wilde Giuliani
Iowa City, IA, United States

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Funded - September 09, 2015
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Paying It Forward - Garbage For Life

by Kristin Wilde Giuliani 1 Lives Impacted Iraq

Recycle your garbage, save a life!Your chance at having a childhood shouldn't be determined by where you are born. But for so many children in war-...

$1,084 One-time Donations
  • $650 One-time Goal
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