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2019 Crux Haiti Outreach - Madison Riley

2019 Crux Haiti Outreach - Madison Riley

Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti
Amount Raised

2019 Crux Haiti Outreach - Madison Riley has not posted any updates.

  • $2,595 One-time Goal
  • $70 Still Needed
  • 2,000 Lives Impacted
  • 15 Days To Go

Trip Information

2019 Crux Haiti Outreach
Trip ID# Crux19

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  • Christina Perucci
  • Liza Lafreniere
  • Noelle Christenson
  • Kara Johnson
  • Kris DeSantis
  •  Jessica
  • Dana Scheevel
  • Stacey Bibelheimer
  • Brynn Christenson

Field Partner

The Global Mission 0
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, US
To bring the Gospel to those who've never heard
All donations go directly to The Global Mission as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Fundraiser Organizer

Maddie Riley
Ladera Ranch, CA

Region Map

Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti

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15 Days to go
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2019 Crux Haiti Outreach - Madison Riley

by Maddie Riley 2K Lives Impacted Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department...

Dear Family and Friends,As many of you know, I've had the opportunity to travel to Haiti the last two years during spring break, and both times wer...

$2,525 One-time Donations
  • $2,595 One-time Goal
  • $70 Still Needed
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