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An Endurance Race for Heartline Ministries 

Greetings from Haiti!

Our 2014-2015 Marathon Campaign continues with a new fundraising race located in Charlotte, NC! Come out and join us as we rally around another one of our pavement-pounding Heartline women. Beth has passed the baton!

On November 15th, Rachel Verdi - Heartline Foundation Board Member and wife of the foundation's Executive DIrector - will be running the Thunder Road Marathon. Our fundraising goal for this new marathon will be $26,000, which represents $1,000 for each mile that Rachel will run at Thunder Road.

Heartline Foundation will have a huge presence at the race with an Expo booth on Friday, November 14th and a second booth at the Finish Line Festival on Saturday! We hope to raise more funds for all of the women's programs at Heartline, from the Maternity Center to the Women's Education Center and the Teen Summer Camp to the Youth in Action program. 

Marathoners will all tell you that getting through the last part of the race takes "all heart." It means that no matter what happened in the training, no matter what your body is telling you as you are running, that last part of the race is always conquered by setting your heart on accomplishing the great feat in front of you. 

We are in the final part of our 2014 Marathon Campaign. It's going to take heart! Our hearts, your hearts, and most importantly, God's heart. Will your heart beat for Haiti?

Please give and support Heartline MInistries' efforts to make a difference in the lives of those in Haiti.

Heartline Ministries consists of: 

Women's Education Center - cooking, sewing, literacy, and art classes

Maternity Center - labor and delivery services plus pre-natal and postpartum care, early childhood development classes

Men's Discipleship Program - Biblical training and instruction that incorporates prayer, bible study, worship, and fellowship

The Beltis Bakery
 - Provides job opportunities and job skills/vocational training to men in Haiti

Guest House - a home for travellers and visitors to Port au Prince

Heartline Ministries is not simply a collection of programs. Our staff, missionaries, supporters, donors, sponsors, and volunteers are the Body of Christ, running towards a mission.

Our mission is to intentionally walk alongside impoverished men, women, and children in Haiti, meeting critical physical, emotional, financial, educational, and most importantly - spiritual needs.

It takes a marathon-type effort to be successful with our mission

This marathon campaign will "run" through 2014.

If you are involved in a race this year and would like to raise funds and awareness for Heartline during your own race, please share this site. We would love to have several fundraising races attached to this campaign in order to meet our goal and maximize our impact in Haiti. To start a fundraiser for your race to benefit Heartline Ministries, click the orange button bellow that says "Fundraiser for this Cause"!


We thank you for your marathon-like endurance, relentless prayers, sacrificial donations, and your passion for the work we all do together. 

In the Grip of His Grace,

John and Beth McHoul and the Heartline Team

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  • $260,000 One-time Goal
  • $231,972 Still Needed
  • 400 Lives Impacted
  • 0 Days To Go

Field Partner

Heartline Ministries - Haiti 1K
Sunnyside, WA, AF
Strengthening families and preventing child orphanhood in Haiti.
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Heartline Ministries - Haiti
Sunnyside, WA, AF

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Ended - January 05, 2015
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Haiti to Heartbreak Hill for Heartline

by Heartline Ministries - Haiti 400 Lives Impacted Haiti

An Endurance Race for Heartline Ministries Greetings from Haiti!Our 2014-2015 Marathon Campaign continues with a new fundraising race located in Ch...

$28,029 One-time Donations
  • $260,000 One-time Goal
  • $231,972 Still Needed
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