Available Sponsorships

  • Elsie

    7 years old Female Haiti

    When Elsie's mom abandoned her to work in the Dominican Republic, Elsie found her forever home here. Elsie is intelligent, relational and the first...

  • Tianna

    7 years old Female Haiti

    God rescued baby Tiana from violent physical and spiritual voodoo abuse. Faithful prayers and Grace House daily care have grown her into an affecti...

  • Phedora

    8 years old Haiti

    Phedora is the newest child at Grace House. She has a tender heart and sweet spirit. Please pray Phedora adapts to her new home and family and grow...

  • Carl

    8 years old Male Haiti

    Carl has grown at Grace House from an abused, malnourished baby into an affectionate, intelligent and playful boy. He shines in leadership and help...

  • Sarah

    9 years old Female Haiti

    Sarah and Jacob James (JJ) are siblings. Their father died when Sarah was a tiny baby and her mother wasn't able to care for the children. They wer...

  • Jacob James (JJ)

    12 years old Male United States

    Jacob James is (JJ) Sarah's big brother. He is kind and compassionate, and has a heart to pray for the sick and elderly we visit in our community.

  • Aslen

    13 years old Male Haiti

    A knock on the gate brought Aslen, his torn backpack and quick humor to Grace House. He is intelligent and energetic. He loves puzzles, books and p...

  • Jean Claire

    14 years old Male Haiti

    Last August John Claire was a restavek, but now at Grace House he is free to be all for which God created him. He is quick to see and act on the ne...

  • Dominique

    20 years old Male Haiti

    Dominique came from homelessness, hunger and beatings to a home of hope and love at Grace House. Gifted with languages, he has taught himself Engli...

Fully Funded Sponsorships

No fully funded sponsorships