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  • Mohrini

    0 years old Female Haiti

    Mohrini is affectionately known as "A-chu-chu by the mammas. She and her young homeless mother came to Grace House when she was only two and a half...

  • John Marc

    1 year old Male Haiti

    John Marc's mother died shortly after his birth. A month later this peaceful baby with his happy smile came to live at Grace House. He is very aler...

  • Abischa¬Člle

    2 years old Female Haiti

    At ten months Abischa¬Člle weighed 8 malnourished pounds as Grace House staff began fighting for her life. Now thriving Abi joyfully plays. Known fo...

  • Daniel

    2 years old Male Haiti

    When unborn Daniel was unwanted, Grace House passionately prepared a home. They fought hard for his frail life. This healthy toddler has dry humor ...

  • Melissa

    2 years old Female Haiti

    The daughter of a restavek teen mother, Melissa loves to smile and her eyes sparkle with joy. She is quick to move, climb and explore. She is intel...

  • Youri

    2 years old Male Haiti

    2 year old Youri is a bundle of love and enjoys singing and hugs. He lives at Grace House with his teenage mother and big sister Evlou.

  • Noah

    2 years old Male Haiti

    By compassionate love, Noah has gone from a grieving abandoned baby of 3 months to our most cheerful toddler. He is big, athletic, coordinated and ...

  • Mellie

    3 years old Female Haiti

    Mellie was skin and bones when she was rescued from neglectful abuse. Her determination and the loving care at Grace House have allowed her to stea...

  • Rhena

    3 years old Female Haiti

    Rhena's father begged for her rescue from a dangerous home situation. The careful nutrition and abundant love given at Grace house caused her to th...

  • Tianna

    4 years old Female Haiti

    God rescued baby Tiana from violent physical and spiritual voodoo abuse. Faithful prayers and Grace House daily care have grown her into an affecti...

  • Elsie

    4 years old Female Haiti

    When Elsie?s mom abandoned her to work in the Dominican Republic, Elsie found her forever home here. Elsie is intelligent, relational and the first...

  • Phedora

    5 years old Haiti

    Phedora is the newest child at Grace House. She has a tender heart and sweet spirit. Please pray Phedora adapts to her new home and family and grow...

Fully Funded Sponsorships

  • Sponsored - January 29, 2018
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    17 years old Male Haiti

    Dominique came from homelessness, hunger and beatings to a home of hope and love at Grace House. Gifted with languages, he has taught himself Engli...