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Williamson Adrien Academy Meal Program

Williamson Adrien Academy Meal Program

Petion-Ville, Ouest Department, Haiti
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Williamson Adrien Academy was founded by local leader and pastor, Gaétan Alcégaire, with the vision of providing quality education and hope to the children living at Yahve Shamma Children's Home, and to the children of the surrounding community! Since 2012, Help One Now has partnered with Pastor Gaétan to construct a safe 2-story building where a tent school of tarps and poles once stood. Now 480 students and 25 certified teachers are able to gather safely and see their community transformed through the power of education!

Help One Now and Williamson Adrien Academy desire to rise to a higher level of impact through building long-term relationships, meeting social needs, and investing in quality education and job creation. The next step in our vision is to launch a meal program at Williamson Adrien Academy!

Providing healthy meals in schools improves children’s health and nutritional wellbeing. In food insecure communities, school meal programs help fight malnutrition and keep children in school. Because it is our commitment to partner with children until they are self-sufficient and break the cycle of poverty, we will do all we can to see our students continue their education to completion. Providing a healthy meal at school each day is a tangible way to meet that goal!

Providing meals in schools is also an effective way to empower entire families! By using our meal program to support local farmers and food production, we will be empowering the families in the community through a sustainable source of income.

The meal program will provide a hot meal every day of the school year for 480 students and 30 staff members. The total amount we are seeking to raise for this initiative is $65,000. $14,000 will go toward the start up costs of the program, and $51,000 will fund the meal program for one year.

We invite you to join with us to see that the children of Pétionville, Haiti are able to receive quality nutrition, continue their education, and end the cycle of poverty in their families and community.

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  • $65,000 One-time Goal
  • $57,633 Still Needed
  • 500 Lives Impacted
  • 1922 Days To Go

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Petion-Ville, Ouest Department, Haiti

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1922 Days to go
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Williamson Adrien Academy Meal Program

by Help One Now 500 Lives Impacted Petion-Ville, Ouest Department, ...

Williamson Adrien Academy was founded by local leader and pastor, Gaétan Alcégaire, with the vision of providing quality education and hope to th...

$7,368 One-time Donations
  • $65,000 One-time Goal
  • $57,633 Still Needed
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