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Vote for the Greater Good

Vote for the Greater Good

Detroit, Michigan, United States
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People of color have every right to be disenfranchised by politics and the political parties.  A government for and by the people has continued to post ‘bad checks’ in the words of Dr. King.  Our hope is to spend some time engaging with faith affiliated people of color who may be disenfranchised by politics and not vote.  Our hope is to help them reconsider the gravity of this moment and the election at hand to vote for the greater good.

 Encourage voting – Discouraging voter interest is a tactic of voter suppression.  Disaffected voters rallying around the greater good could impact the outcome of swing states.

Encourage voting early – Voter suppression techniques include making day of voting inaccessible or challenging.  We encourage those who can vote early to vote early.  

 Voter registration – We are connecting with voter registration initiatives in each of the swing states to bring information to voters.

 Use mega voting centers where available – Some sports arenas are opening as voting centers.  These provide voting options in a socially distant atmosphere.  

 Younger poll workers – Voter suppression in this cycle could result from lack of poll workers.  Poll workers are traditionally older Americans potentially impacted by Covid-19.  We are encouraging younger people without underlying health conditions to volunteer.

 Voting plans – Some swing states have a variety of voting options; other states have a limited (and potentially challenging) options.  We encourage communities to come together to meet logistical needs and help every eligible person use their voice.  

 Support local voting efforts – We are using our presence and platform to amplify the work of local efforts to inspire voting for the common good.  

 Social media – we will be utilizing Facebook Live & SITUP podcast to document, inspire, and inform throughout the campaign.  

 The Greater Good short film – We will be utilizing The Greater Good short film and toolkit to inspire conversation on utilizing voting voice and engaging the greater good in this season and beyond. 

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  • $40,000 One-time Goal
  • $39,470 Still Needed
  • 1,000 Lives Impacted
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Vote Greater Good
By Jess Bielman
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Detroit, Michigan, United States

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Vote for the Greater Good

by The Voices Project 1K Lives Impacted Detroit, Michigan, United States

People of color have every right to be disenfranchised by politics and the political parties.  A government for and by the people has continued to ...

$530 One-time Donations
  • $40,000 One-time Goal
  • $39,470 Still Needed
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