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Velvet Ashes' Dream Big Fund

Velvet Ashes' Dream Big Fund

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Velvet Ashes has been challenged to dream BIG.  We're asking God to provide a total of $13,975 by Dec 31, so that we can have the resources we need in 2016 to minister to women serving all across the world.      

As of Nov 19, we already have $2,956.  Our goal is to raise the remaining $11,019 here through Pure Charity.    

Every donation that comes in (up to $10,000) will generously be matched by an anonymous donor.  This means that if we raise $13,975 by the end of the December, we will have our entire goal of $23,975 for our 2016 budget.    

This would allow us to have...  

–    Special programs developed to walk alongside women entering a new culture and for those re-entering their home culture.  

–    High quality video for our Velvet Ashes Online Retreat, offering spiritual renewal for weary women serving around the globe. (Last year's retreat reached 700 women in 92 countries).    

–    The resources we need as a team to lead this ministry with vibrance, ministering to nearly 3,000 subscribers and 155 Connections Group members.  

–    The ability to participate in conferences, spreading the word about Velvet Ashes, so that women know this lifeline is here for them.  

If you're a part of the Velvet Ashes community, we're asking everyone to donate at least $10, but even if you are not able to donate, please give the opportunity to someone else by promoting this fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter and in your other social circles.     

If you’d like to go beyond, here’s what your gift can do…

$33  Provides a year of daily images for our posts.
$45  Covers 1 month of daily posts sent by email to our subscribers.
$90  Keeps the website online and maintained for one month.

$160  Provides 20 books to be gifted to women so they can participate in book club.
$250  Creates a program to walk along women going through culture shock and reentry.
$500  Goes towards promotional materials.

$1,000  Sponsors 100 women to participate in the Velvet Ashes Online Retreat.
$2,000  Hires a videographer for the Retreat video filming and editing.
$2,900  Allows VA team members to attend conferences to introduce women to Velvet Ashes.

If you know this community, then you already know our heart. We are not out to become “big” for the sake of being big. We don’t believe value is measured in numbers. We simply want to open wide the doors of community for weary women serving in all corners of the world. We want to come alongside those that are preparing to go, to be the hand that so many of us wish we had had. We want to walk with those going through the upside down journey of re-entry.

We want to offer the tender care of Jesus, and we want to do it well.

That is our dream.  Will you join us?

*Checks can be made out to Servants of Christ International (include a note saying it is a donation for Velvet Ashes) and mailed to:


11431 W. Lake Drive 

Littleton,CO 80127

  **All donations made through Pure Charity and Servants of Christ are U.S. tax deductible. 

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  • $11,019 One-time Goal
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  • 5,000 Lives Impacted
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Servants of Christ International, inc 0
Littleton, CO, US
We are a channel for Christians to give of their time, talents, and treasures to the ca...
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Velvet Ashes
Lakewood, CO

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Funded - December 31, 2015
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Velvet Ashes' Dream Big Fund

by Velvet Ashes 5K Lives Impacted

Velvet Ashes has been challenged to dream BIG.  We're asking God to provide a total of $13,975 by Dec 31, so that we can have the resources we need...

$11,484 One-time Donations
  • $11,019 One-time Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
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