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The Murrey's Adoption

The Murrey's Adoption

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Hello everyone! 

We are SO excited to announce our dream and pursuit of adopting a little child from the Philippines. In October of 2015 we believe God opened our eyes to see that this was His plan for our family. After 7 years of waiting on biological children of our own, God chose now to show us His deep love for orphans and how we can be apart of restoring their lives. Our heart for the Philippines has developed over the years, and was solidified by an amazing trip we took in 2014. There are over 2 million estimated orphans on this beautiful island, and we would love to make a difference in the life at least one of them. We believe that every child has the right to have a loving family, and we would like to fulfill that right. We also believe that when we adopt, we won't just be adopting a child, but a whole nation from which that child comes. The Philippines just fell right into what we were hearing through prayer and thus we came to that peaceful decision! 

Currently, we have chosen an amazing agency to help us through this process, All God's Children International. This agency is passionate about reuniting families who can be restored, finding ethical and honest ways to find orphans forever families, offering opportunities for adopted children to become involved back in their own countries, and lastly providing orphan care and community development projects in those countries. As you probably know, adoption is expensive, especially overseas. Our total adoption will cost around $27,000.00. We are believing God for his provision and help, and we know these needs will be met through our own hard work, adoption grants, and the generosity from people like you. 

Any support, whether financial or prayer, is deeply appreciated, and from the bottom of our hearts we are eternally grateful for your involvement. This is our first adoption experience, but we know we don't have to be alone in the process. Thank you so much for being apart of our life and journey into building our family. We can't wait to see all the ways that God is going to provide for this adoption, and build our faith in knowing Him along the way. 

-Joseph and Katie Murrey

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  • $27,000 One-time Goal
  • $16,197 Still Needed
  • 10 Lives Impacted
  • 89 Days To Go

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All God's Children International 8
Vancouver, WA
All God''s Children International is a child-centered ministry, answering God''s call t...
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Katie Murrey
Toccoa, GA, US

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89 Days to go
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The Murrey's Adoption

by Katie Murrey 10 Lives Impacted Philippines

Hello everyone! We are SO excited to announce our dream and pursuit of adopting a little child from the Philippines. In October of 2015 we believe ...

$10,803 One-time Donations
  • $27,000 One-time Goal
  • $16,197 Still Needed
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