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The vision of Restoration Studios is to awaken and develop creative young people who make beautiful and redemptive media that helps our community thrive and grow. We will do this by:

•Exposing Students to excellence in professional environments with industry leading mentors
•Equipping Students with the experience and training they need to succeed
•Empowering Students with opportunities for advancement and career development  
 (partnerships and internships)

Our program operates in the Bankhead community and is servicing underprivileged creative youth ages 12-18. We are passionate about seeing the dreams of these young artists, producers and engineers become a reality that can change their lives forever. 

"Studio Grind 101" mentorship program

*Overview of Program 

We are teaching youth to become totally independent in creating quality sound recordings, concert production, sound engineering, track production, video editing, and live radio broadcasting. The program has 9 youth ages 16-18  committing to three months of mentorship broken into three stages:

· Discovery – Learn the basics. (See Curriculum overview for more details

· Development – Master the basics and create using the basics

· Deployment – Teach the basics to the next class and begin shadowing other engineers/producers to learn more skills.

After graduation from program, those that want to continue will be placed under a Mentor to assist in beginning another group of 12-15 year-olds. Each group goes through the 3 month program, learning and then starts teaching others alongside their mentor.

*Finances for Program 

We need to raise $1200/month in recurring donations to cover Mentorship program costs for this quarter's goals.

·      Snacks/food $200/month

·      Mentor/instructors Stipends $800/month (4 mentors@$50/week)

·      Space usage $200/month

By September 2018 we will need to increase our budget to $3000/month as our program will expand by at least 12 more students by adding 4 more classes.

·      Snacks/food $400/month

·      Mentor/instructors Stipends $2400/month (6 mentors/instructors @$100/week)

·      Space usage $200/month

*Impact of Program 

By December 2018 we will have at least 12 youth to have graduated from the program ready to go to the next level. By the end of year one we will have over 20 youth who have completed the program andare deployed to either help teach or start shadowing other engineers and producers in our studio or other studios/venues. Through relationships being developed with audio and visual arts colleges and local studios we plan on connect our youth into further educational opportunities, internships and employment.

*Measurable outcomes for 2nd Quarter 2018

·      Within the first month we will finalize the curriculum  "Studio Grind 101 for Young Engineers and Producers" a 12 week curriculum covering the basics of audio engineering and production.

·      We will recruit, screen, and train four mentors to teach and lead the program.

·      In April we will recruit, screen, and accept 5 students into the program and the following 2 months have them complete and master the content of the discovery and development portion of the curriculum.


·      St. Claire (Gappstar Records Artist)

·      Pastor Danny Iverson (Shalom City Church founder, Restore Life CEO)

·      Jay Parker (Reign Radio Founder and President)

·      Jon Parker (Licensed Counselor and former engineer at Reach Records)

·      Thomas Phillips (Marketing director at Fountain of Hope food bank)

·      Kezia Alford (Gospel and CCM recording artist)


What do we already have to accomplish this vision?

•   1200 sq/feet of space on the 3rd floor of Paradise Missionary Baptist Church built out into a studio.

•   Over 10 different professionals willing to be on the Studio Launch Team to help mentor youth

•   MentorLife Ministry and their director Hammond McEver to recruit, screen, train and oversee the mentorship component.

•   All the gear needed for high quality audio recording.


What do we need to sustain and grow this vision?

*$3000/month for program expenses for 2018 growing at a 20% increase the next 3 years

*Contribution or donations to go toward upgrading our tools we are training the youth on.

·      A new Mac Pro loaded with Protools HD, Logic and Studio One (We currently have 2010 model that needs upgrading) estimated cost = $6,000

·      3 New or used iMacs with at least 8 GB of ram for student work stations  (New ones go for $1500)

·      Appollo or Apogee interfaces (Targeting at least 16 x 16 Channels for our main control room) $5,000 new. Used ones gladly accepted.

·      Cheaper interfaces for entry level recording stations (M-Audio, Focusrite, Behringer etc.)

·      Midi workstations/keyboards etc.

·      Condenser and Dynamic microphones for vocals and instrument tracking (Blue mics, Shure SM57, 58, AKG C414 etc.)

·      Active Studio speakers

·      External Hard drives

·      Guitars, Bass Guitars and amplifiers

Other studio gear and instruments that might be useful to train on.

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VisionThe vision of Restoration Studios is to awaken and develop creative young people who make beautiful and redemptive media that helps our comm...

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