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Tod, Ashley and Lindsay Stubbs Mission Funds

Tod, Ashley and Lindsay Stubbs Mission Funds

Esmeraldas, Esmeraldas, Ecuador
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Trip Update

Well we are home from Honduras.  What a great trip!  It was very tiring and stressful at times, but wow did God work.  I don't know why we don't believe Jesus when He said the fields are RIPE and ready for harvest.  God is working (not just in Honduras) and He has work for His church to do.
We were so blessed by this trip!  God taught us all and stretched us all in many different ways.  For me (Tod) my greatest blessing was getting to know the local Hondurans we served along side of for the week.  These are some beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ.  They live out their faith and do it with passion and humility.  They have certainly sharpened me and challenged me to be more focused in my own community and the place where I live.  Ashley and Lindsay both had many great experiences and got to pray with people to receive Christ and their Lord and Savior as well as disciple believers.  What a blessing to be on this trip with two of my daughters.

THANK YOU!  We could not have done it without you.  For your prayers and for donating to our trip.  It is so humbling that people are so generous and willing to invest in God's Kingdom work.  You will never know this side of Heaven the impact your investment has had.

PLEASE continue praying for us NOW.  We are back home and do not want to leave what we learned in Honduras.  God had a purpose for each of us personally for going on the trip.  It wasn't just to minister to others, but for Him to grow us up in Christ so that we can be more effective servants.  So please pray for us to be listening and to be obedient to Him.  We want to continue to share our story & God's story with those who may have never heard the Good News of God's love before.

This will be my last post for this trip.  Lord willing I will have an opportunity to be a part of another one.

“Nothing of Eternal Value is ever accomplished apart from prayer.” (Jerry Falwell Sr.)

Thank you for checking out our trip page.  
Love and blessings,
Tod, Ashley and Lindsay Stubbs

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Esmeraldas, Esmeraldas, Ecuador

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Tod, Ashley and Lindsay Stubbs Mission Funds

by Tod Stubbs 100 Lives Impacted Esmeraldas, Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Trip UpdateWell we are home from Honduras.  What a great trip!  It was very tiring and stressful at times, but wow did God work.  I don't know why ...

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  • $2,690 One-time Goal
  • $140 Still Needed
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