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Ruby Road

Ruby Road

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We have BIG news!

We are adopting a little GIRL, our Ruby!

We are the Whitley Family. Currently, we consist of a dad, a mom, 4 amazing boys, a few dogs and some chickens. We are beyond excited to share that we are preparing to welcome a sweet little girl home. The good Lord has been preparing our hearts for some time now, slowly and gently introducing us to growing her in our hearts instead of mom's tummy.

We are in the initial stages of our adoption journey. Our journey began in April, when we made the decision to adopt our little Ruby from China. We began filling out preliminary paperwork with Adoption Associates Inc. We have received our Pre-Approval to adopted her and are finishing up our home study at this time. The home study process includes meetings, education (on-line & in the classroom), and document gathering, but when it is complete, we will be able to move into the next step of the International adoption process, Immigrations! The process of adoption certainly requires that we step out on faith and be stretched in ways that are out of our comfort zone.

We have chosen China because of the great need to adopt children with special needs, our little Ruby was born with Down Syndrome. Each precious child matters and deserves a chance. So please don’t think that we can’t make a difference.

We are so thankful that we are able to welcome her into our family, but the reality is there is a substantial amount of money needed to bring her home. We have been so thankful that we have been able to save/raise almost all of the fees for our home study & for the 1st & 2nd fees for our International agency. Moving forward we will have our final agency fees, travel and in country fees, that makeup almost 1/2 of the total adoption cost. Would you be willing to enter into this journey with us? Whether you feel led to help us financially or through your prayers and encouragement, it all means the world to us!

We are hoping to raise $10,000 to bring Ruby home. Although the exact cost of the adoption may vary, we know that we will need close to 30,000 total to cover her adoption. If you feel led, please prayerfully consider giving a charitable donation to help bring our Ruby home.  

We also have also setup “Bracelets for Ruby”. I, Terri, am handstamping bracelets for a fundraiser to help bring our girl home. See more about our bracelets here:

Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers as we begin the process to bring her home. Please know that it is difficult to ask you to support us in this journey.  But, we also know that God uses his people for his purposes. We would be honored to know that you helped us bring our child home, and we know that it will mean a lot to Ruby, too, as she discovers the out pouring of love and support from so many friends and relatives who were eager to see her come home.

With love,

- The Whitley Family 

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  • $10,000 One-time Goal
  • $10,000 Still Needed
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Ended - December 31, 2099
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Ruby Road

by Terri Whitley 1 Lives Impacted China

We have BIG news!We are adopting a little GIRL, our Ruby!We are the Whitley Family. Currently, we consist of a dad, a mom, 4 amazing boys, a few do...

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  • $10,000 One-time Goal
  • $10,000 Still Needed
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