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UPDATE (9/8/19): Our first big fundraiser is our BASKET BASH & LUNCHEON on Sunday, September 22 from 11:30am until 3:30pm at the Manchester Room in Trafford. Cost is $10 for adults and $5 for children  (includes lunch and a chance to win a door prize). Basket raffle tickets will be sold at the event. If you’re in the area, stop on by for some food, fun and fellowship for a great cause!! 

UPDATE (8/20/19): THANK YOU to our amazing friend, Amanda, for hosting a DoTerra Oil Class and donating the proceeds toward the cost of our adoption!! We are so thankful!

UPDATE (8/5/19): We are beginning our home study process this week! Please pray for this application and interview process to go smoothly and that we get everything completed, submitted and accepted within our allotted time frames. 

Upcoming Fundraisers: We're kicking off our adoption fundraisers with a T-Shirt Sale, Do-Terra Class and a Basket Bash! Stay tuned for details this week. 


I shared my personal testimony about my journey with adoption on my Face Book page (7/28/19) and wanted to post it here too:

It's not easy being vulnerable and I'm not one to share much personal information on social media. However, since we're inviting our entire community to partner with us in some capacity along our adoption journey I feel it's only fair to share my heart about the details of this path God has led us on.
As many of you know, my family fostered children during my middle/high school years. It was fun and exciting, heartbreaking, humbling and trying. It was an experience that helped mold me into who I am today. One little girl will forever hold a special place in my heart. She was born with spina bifida. I watched her struggles and celebrated her milestones. The day I observed her pediatric occupational therapist come into our home and work with her was the day that I knew what my profession would be when I graduated college. I remember looking at my mom and telling her, "THAT'S what I am going to do with my life."
The day she left our home broke all of our hearts, but I knew even then that God was planting seeds in my heart for fostering/adopting. Looking back over my life, it's so amazing to see how God showed up. I don't believe in chances or coincidences. I believe in a God that works all things together for our good.
Fast forward a bit through our story of falling in love. Chris and I welcomed the birth of each of our children. They were prayed for, so wanted and are so incredibly loved. Our home and are hearts are so full, yet we feel like we have more love to give (and to be completely honest- I've always wanted a daughter to add some balance to our family!). After praying and more praying and researching the orphan crisis in our world and reviewing so many different options: attending a foster care meeting in our county, discussing fostering and adoption with friends who have walked that path, studying domestic vs international adoption, we knew international adoption was our calling. To be 100% truthful, the $35,000+ cost was what held us up in our process the longest. We are confident that we can financially care for our daughter once she is home, but coming up with this much money in a short amount of time is a daunting task for us, for anyone really. This is the number one reason people do not pursue adoption and that breaks my heart. We FINALLY decided to step out in faith and trust the Lord. I read this recently and it has resonated with me daily, "Don't tell your God how big your problem is. Tell your problem how big your God is." That's exactly what we're doing. We're trusting in Him. He will provide.
We're so thankful to be partnering with All God's Children. They have been so wonderful with helping us through each step. They care for over 8million orphans in some capacity in the countries that they serve. Bulgaria was not even on our radar when we began this process, but again God showed up in amazing and really cool ways and led us to the decision to adopt our daughter from there.
I'll be sharing more of our journey along the way, but I wanted to start here. If you've read this far into my super lengthy post, thanks for hearing my heart. I'm going to try and be as open and transparent as possible along this journey. If you have any questions for us, just ask.


We have EXCITING news!

We are adopting a little girl from Bulgaria! On July 15, 2019 we got word from All God's Children that our application was accepted! Praise be to God!

We always knew God’s plan for our family included adoption, but we weren’t sure how or when. He recently opened some doors for us and we got our approval letter from All God’s Children International last week!! 

We are beyond excited and are doing everything we can to be prepared to welcome a beautiful new life into our home. As part of our adoption process, we have started a crowdfunding campaign. It may surprise you to hear that adoption related costs can easily total up to $35,000 or more (ours will total well over $40,000 from start to finish). This is why we have set a goal of $30,000 to help ease the financial burden that often overwhelms adoptive parents.

We hope that by inviting you into this process, you will see yourself as part of the community we hope to build around our child as she grows up.

Current Prayer Requests:

-For us to trust God’s timing. 

-For patience and peace.

-For our boys. 

-For our sweet girl that we don’t even know yet that will one day complete our family. 

-For successful fundraising efforts to help with our adoption costs. 

Thank you for reading our story! We’d be honored if you’d partner with us spiritually and/or financially! All our love! ❤️

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UPDATE (9/8/19): Our first big fundraiser is our BASKET BASH & LUNCHEON on Sunday, September 22 from 11:30am until 3:30pm at the Manchester Roo...

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  • $20,000 One-time Goal
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