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Radical Pursuit

God radically pursues us, time and again. Scriptures are filled with stories and examples of how God has pursued His people through the darkest depths and in the highest triumphs. Jesus is the perfect example of God’s ultimate radical pursuit for His children. Jesus calls us to not only live in radical pursuit of Himself in return, but to share in that pursuit for others so that all may know His love, grace and freedom.

At Bless the Children Ministries (BTCM), we recognize Jesus’ radical pursuit of us as well as His desire for all of His children to come to know Him uniquely and personally. We strive to live out Jesus’ call to go into the world and share His good news and make disciples. Our ultimate mission is to be the love of Christ to Uganda’s orphaned and vulnerable children, equipping them to become authentic Godly leaders that transform generations.

It’s no secret that the past couple of years have been challenging for people across the world, but God still radically pursues us amidst the struggles and challenges of a worldwide pandemic. No pandemic is too big for Jesus! As we endeavor to carry out our mission, Jesus continually encourages BTCM with amazing stories and encounters over the years. In the little village of Mabaale, Uganda, Jesus still radically pursues these children who are often forgotten, oppressed, and trapped by the continued hardships of this world – pandemic or not. He invites us to do the same. Jesus still radically pursues the social workers, house moms, cooks, nurses, teachers, and all staff that it takes to care for each of these children so that each child becomes individually known, loved, and championed. He invites us to do the same. These staff members radically pursue these children and their families – discipling, equipping, training, and empowering them to stay together and pursue each other and Jesus. He invites us to do the same.  

Jesus radically pursues you, even when you don’t know it or feel it. He gives us many ways and opportunities to respond to this pursuit. At BTCM, we invite you to join us in His pursuit of these children, their families, and the people who care for them so that generations will be transformed. Jesus chooses you. He invites you to radically pursue Him.

How will you choose to respond?

Your partnership will empower our staff to radically pursue more children and families through holistic carefamily strengthening, and education. Children were designed to be in families. Each child and family becomes known and championed by our staff – empowering and encouraging them to grow closer to each other, closer to God, and to provide for the needs of these children in safe, loving, economically sustainable environments.

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To be the love of Christ to Uganda’s orphaned and vulnerable children, equipping them t...
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by Bless the Children Ministries 500 Lives Impacted Mabale, Mkoa wa Magharibi, Uganda

**The first $20,000 will be matched!! Radical PursuitGod radically pursues us, time and again. Scriptures are filled with stories and examp...

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