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What are the real, local effects of climate change? 

How is urbanization of Northwest Arkansas affecting our region? 

With development comes the addition of impervious surfaces such as parking lots, roofs, and roads. These surfaces do not allow for stormwater to be soaked up into the ground. As we have more stormwater to move down the storm drains (which drain directly to the creeks-- habitats for fish, animals, and invertebrates) it picks up pollutants from cars, fertilizers, pesticides, pet waste, and more. As more volume and velocity of water is carried to our creeks and streams, downstream erosion happens, wiping out further plants and habitats. It's our job to try and mitigate the damage being caused from this development through the implementation of conservation and restoration practices and public education. 

Not-So-Fun fact: The water flowing down the streets during the first hour of a rain storm is worse than raw sewage! 

IRWP needs $10,000 to support programs that educate the public on these issues, help reach developers, HOAs, POAs, and landowners to teach them about low impact and water-friendly practices, as well as plant native plants to buffer our waterways. 

Plants roots help stabilize the banks, shade the water to reduce pathogen contamination and algae blooms, and keep our natural resource relatives available for recreational use-- if we don't take steps to protect them, our vibrant rivers and streams will be little more than urban drainage ditches. 

That's why I started this fundraiser on Pure Charity. Every penny of this goes to fund these projects. 

Let's protect our watershed for generations to come.

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