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Megan Kaye's Uganda Trip November 2017

Megan Kaye's Uganda Trip November 2017

Gulu, Northern Region, Uganda
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I have some crazy exciting news! On October 31, I'm heading to Uganda to spend time serving with a local school and experiencing first-hand how God can use the smallest of seeds to plant a harvest of love.


Back in 2013, I needed a book to pass the time while working at summer camp, so I picked up "Love Does" in Tyler, Texas. God used that book to make a change in my heart and relationship with Him that I didn't even know needed to happen– and I honestly have no idea what my life would look like right now if He hadn't made that change. Looking back, it's crazy to see all that God has done just because of that tiny action, not only in my life, but in the lives of others!

My cousin Elise and her husband Sean decided to read Love Does after seeing me post about it a few times across social media. Long story short, God opened the door for Sean to go on a vision trip (just like this one!) to the Love Does program in Gulu just 3 weeks after reading the book, which in turn led to Sean and Elise MOVING to Uganda for an entire year to use their occupations to make a huge difference in the lives of so many (crazy right?!). And now they're spending their days improving education systems, helping teachers, loving on kids, and getting more and more people (like me!) to the school to take part in the action. Who knew buying a book could do all of that?!

As soon as Elise announced she'd be going to Uganda, and as soon as she told me that I had unknowingly played a little part in getting them there, I knew that I would have to find a way to visit.

Now, because of the work that Sean and Elise are doing in Uganda and because of how unbelievable our God is, I'm getting the opportunity to go to Gulu with Love Does to join alongside my family and new friends to help advance the kingdom work they're doing there. I know that God was smiling over my shoulder that day when I bought that sky blue book in Texas, knowing He'd use it for far more than I ever imagined; I'm beyond excited to celebrate the culmination of all He's done over the past few years to make all of this happen while unearthing all of the things He has in store while doing so.


Trip dates:
 October 31 - November 9 (10 days)


Love Does started a school in Uganda ten years ago during the height of the civil war in this nation, fighting for human rights and education for children in this nation.  What began with only 9 students has now grown to 500 students and is the #1 school in northern Uganda. My trip's main purpose is to help with any needed projects at the school while we are there. Additionally, I want to give as much love as my heart has to offer while also bringing encouragement and support for family while I'm there.


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Uganda Trip November 2017
Trip ID# UgandaNovember2017

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Love Does 781
San Diego, CA, US
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Megan Kaye Donahoe
Dallas, TX

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Gulu, Northern Region, Uganda

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Ended - October 31, 2017
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Megan Kaye's Uganda Trip November 2017

by Megan Kaye Donahoe 500 Lives Impacted Gulu, Northern Region, Uganda

I have some crazy exciting news! On October 31, I'm heading to Uganda to spend time serving with a local school and experiencing first-hand how God...

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  • $2,000 One-time Goal
  • $230 Still Needed
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