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Hi friends and family!  I never thought I would be doing this AGAIN!  I adopted a very lovely 15 year old girl close to 4 years ago from Albania, my darling Xhoi Belle. She has been the utter joy of my home and I've learned so much by being her mom.  She has excelled in every way possible and she is already having a positive impact on her world!  Surprisingly, we found her 12 year old biological brother in an orphanage!  Xhoi and her brother love each other very much and have been communicating via Face Time.  He is now ready for adoption and wants very much to come to live with us!  Our hearts long to have him here as soon as possible.  I have completed the home study and am currently working on the other immigration paperwork.  We hope to fly to Albania in the Spring to finalize the adoption.  As you can imagine, the expense is very high, especially for a single mom.  I very much dislike asking for help but have been encouraged to do so.  We know for sure that God has a big heart for orphan kids and He will provide for us in ways we cannot imagine.  Please don't feel any pressure to help us but we welcome your prayers to ask God to continue to direct our path in this process and to bring our precious boy home to live with us soon!  My daughter is beyond excited for this to occur!  The total adoption will cost about $50,000.  Even the littlest gift will be a huge blessing to all of us!  Thank you so much and we know God will bless you as well!  By the way, all donations go directly to my agency, Bethany Christian Services, and will be tax-deductible!  

And now here's a special message from my daughter Xhoi Belle:

Hi, My name is Xhoi, I am from Albania. I got adopted by an amazing American single woman who has done everything to get me where I am today. I am so lucky to call her my mother. She has given me so much to make me feel happy and loved. She is so kind, loving and strong. It really is hard to be a single mother but my mama made it by God's love and power. I don't know where I would've been without her now.  She saved my life and made it 10 times more beautiful! She is preparing to adopt my little brother by getting him out of the orphanage where he is staying right now and giving him a real home. Exactly the same place where I was living (almost 4 years ago). I am so happy that my mama is making this big step ( once again ) and I know it's hard. God is with us no matter what! I am going to help my mom with teaching my brother for school and not to cause my mom any trouble. I am never going to let my mom down! She is the best gift I've received from God and now God is giving my brother the same gift of having a loving home and a MOTHER. She has been a mother and a dad to me. She is excellent. I am opening a fundraiser for my brother, and I am sure a lot of y'all know that  International Adoption is very expensive. Every little penny would be a blessing from you ! Thank you so much!

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Matson Family Adoption

by Miriam E. Matson 1 Lives Impacted Tirana, Tirana County, Albania

Hi friends and family!  I never thought I would be doing this AGAIN!  I adopted a very lovely 15 year old girl close to 4 years ago from Albania, m...

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