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We have seen the multitudes of deficits that exist within impoverished communities around the world. It is a deficit of hope and of options. Desperation and apathy, flow deep within so many communities. Economic challenges, patterns of poverty and families without options, have fallen prey to decades of option-less living.  But we believe that people can achieve their goals, through guidance, training and consistent mentorship, opening up new doors to economic opportunities.

 In 2008, we began to explore options to impact poverty - completing our first major Aquaponics Project in 2012. We now have Sustainability projects in over 10 countries. Each project empowers people through vocational opportunities. We provide avenues for communities to advocate for themselves. We provide the environment and the tools & training needed, to create more economic choices and craftsmanship excellence - foundations upon which to build their communities and individual futures.

Globally, we see a tremendous need for transitional opportunities for young adults. There is a gross lack of real-world training, and unimaginable unemployment. These obstacles do not allow people to break the cycle of poverty and desperation. We establish life skills and vocational training to meet those needs- in an effort to bridge the gap between children’s homes, traditional schools and the adult world responsibilities that so many struggle to meet.

We have created Develop Sustainability Organization, and stepped into this deficit, to impact communities and to create more paths towards tangible economic success and jobs that make sense. These steps create opportunities for forward movement, a sense of pride, hope and potential. Our programs are a new road for the coming generations— to learn practical job skills and to create new business opportunities. 

We willingly step into each life, to teach them what we know, to share wisdom, to inspire hope and give them hands-on skills to build their futures... Because we know, that they can. We believe that integrity and persistence are the cornerstone to a successful life. 

We uprooted from Oregon, to give Namuzikiza, Mukono, Uganda our full time attention. We live daily, teaching sustainable options, training young people and creating new opportunities. Let’s share tangible hope, together.

Together, we make this all happen. Thank you for following, praying and supporting us! 


Jason and Brenda Sommer

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We provide real-life opportunities through transitional programs including; education, ...
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Jason & Brenda Sommer - Co-Founders of DS

by Develop Sustainability Organization 2K Lives Impacted Uganda

We have seen the multitudes of deficits that exist within impoverished communities around the world. It is a deficit of hope and of options. Desper...

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