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Adoption is hard, with all sorts of ups and downs, and lots of time waiting for responses and updates. As many of you know, our particular story started out in Korea, but God has other plans for our adoption journey and we are trusting that His plan and to watch His grace unfold. Our experiences with this adoption have truly brought John and I so much closer together and made us realize that adoption truly was something we were being called to do.

John and I after much prayer and consultation have decided that pursuing an adoption from China is where God may very well want us to be. We have now applied with All Gods Children and will be submitting our finalized home study and orientation documents this week! Our hope is to have our Dossier logged in with the central authority by the end of May! That means we will be eligible to be matched with a little girl. Our child from China will most likely have some sort of medical need and we are open to a wide range of needs. We know the Lord has a beautiful little girl picked just for us!

With all the change, it has changed our budgeting timeline on when funds are due to AGCI.  We need to raise funds a little quicker so we can get our Dossier to China so we can be matched!  It is very humbling to come before family, and friends asking for donations to help bring our little one home especially now with an expediated timeline. We will apply for grants once we have our home study in our hands and we will begin working on our big fundraiser (more about that soon!). John and I have also scaled back on our expenses and have sold anything in our home that is no longer needed. We are continuing our puzzle fundraiser and to date have raised $2,500, which has helped to cover the majority of the home study fees!  What an amazing village we have!!

John and I would like to prayerfully ask that you consider giving any amount to our adoption, as every little bit helps!

Most importantly,  we would like to ask for continued prayers as we continue on this journey.   It's not easy to let go and allow God to unfold His plan, but we are excited to see where it leads us! John and I would also appreciate your willingness to share this with others who may also want to participate.

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  • $10,000 One-time Goal
  • $7,251 Still Needed
  • 1 Lives Impacted

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  • Karen Nickell
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All God's Children International 8
Vancouver, WA
All God''s Children International is a child-centered ministry, answering God''s call t...
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Kate Hosmer
Pelham, AL

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Hosmer Family Adoption

by Kate Hosmer 1 Lives Impacted

Adoption is hard, with all sorts of ups and downs, and lots of time waiting for responses and updates. As many of you know, our particular stor...

$2,749 One-time Donations
  • $10,000 One-time Goal
  • $7,251 Still Needed
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