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Bringing Our Baby Home

Adam & Kara met at church in late 2003 and became friends. They started dating in 2004 and married in 2005. Both wanted a family and saw that their shared faith and a strong relationship among the parents and children was important. Adam loves Kara’s passion for children and her focus on family. Kara thought Adam was also loving and good with the kids at church and with friends. One thing they appreciate about each other are their servant’s hearts and how they have a will and desire to help others whether spiritually, physically, materially, financially, or any other need that arises.

Adam and Kara firmly believe that strength between the parents, helps create a firm foundation for family. They continually work on their relationship together, which helps build confidence and comfort for the children, and for each other. They both value trust, work to continue to maintain and build that trust with each other,while also valuing family relationships and friendships built on the same.

Adam and Kara have considered adoption and opening not just their home, but also their family to another child for most of their marriage. Adam was raised by both parents and his oldest brother was adopted. Adam has a total of 4 siblings. Kara was adopted as an infant and was raised by both parents and when Kara was 4, they adopted her younger brother. Kara met her Birth Parents when she was 18 and maintained a loving relationship with her Birth Mother.

Adam and Kara's biological children were raised to see adoption as an amazing and beautiful opportunity for a family and a person who needs a loving family. It was obvious that their efforts were fruitful when they told the other children that they started the process to adopt. The children were all filled with joy and excitement and were brought to tears. They also immediately started to look for ways they could help with changing living arrangements, how their school and activity schedules could change, how they could help with fundraising, how they would protect and teach their new sibling, and many, many more topics.

We all truly view welcoming a child into our home a blessing that will require all of us to change and adapt. The whole family looks forward to the time when the new addition comes home. They already consider her their sister and Adam and Kara, their daughter; it is more a matter of where she is located.

The children in the Horbett household are such a mix of personalities and abilities. While all of the kids are different and can bump heads, they care for each other deeply. They will stand up for each other in social situations, and help each other when it is needed. Some times it is hard to get them to go to bed because they either want to stay up and talk as a family, with Mom and Dad,or chat away in their rooms at bed time. Their favorite family activities are movie nights- when we get pizza and snuggle up on the couch. They also all love to go to the neighborhood pool, where there is also a toddler pool that the new addition may enjoy playing in. The kids love side walk chalk, bike riding, playing on the swing set. The Horbett family is often found outside whenever the weather is nice, getting together with neighbors and friends and the family loves taking walks together.

Kara and Adam both grew up in homes where adoption was a very important part of their families. They support organizations that protect the sanctity of life. They have strong love for their children and have long desired to open up their home, family, and hearts to a child who needs a loving family. They know adoption, while it can bring a lot of joy to a child and to the family, that it is not without its own challenges. The family will have to adapt, as well as the new addition, but in time, it will happen. They want the child to feel like they belong and are just as important to the family as any of the other members. In time, the child will have questions about who they are, where they come from, and why they were adopted. Those questions will be answered honestly and sincerely, in an age-appropriate way. Having been adopted herself, Kara can help their adopted child with the questions and feelings that come up through her development.

The Horbett Family plans to incorporate the child's culture into their lives and celebrate some special holidays and unique foods in order to keep the child familiar with her country of origin.The Horbett Family is eager to bring home their new daughter They are so appreciative of all of the support they have received from Family and Friends. The Horbett Family is continuing to save money and raise funds in order to continue the process of completing next steps. Then, eventually travel to our daughter's country and bring her home.

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Horbett Family Adoption

by Kara Horbett 1 Lives Impacted

Bringing Our Baby Home Adam & Kara met at church in late 2003 and became friends. They started dating in 2004 and married in 2005. Both wante...

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  • $20,000 One-time Goal
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