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Hope Speaks's Fundraiser-Cat Pinas

Hope Speaks's Fundraiser-Cat Pinas

Kampala, Central Region, Uganda
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About this Fundraiser

After much prayer and consideration, I feel God is calling me to return to Uganda with Hope Speaks for my clinical fellowship--a 9 month placement as a new grad. The clients and families I was able to serve during my 14 week rotation touched my heart in more ways than I could imagine and truly left a lasting impact on me. My time with Hope Speaks did not feel finished and I know there is more impact to be made with clients I know and with new clients I cannot wait to meet!

I am returning to work with a 25 year old with a traumatic brain injury and brainstem stroke who was just starting to vocalize when I left Uganda; to work with an 8 year old with cerebral palsy and a bone deformity who gave me the biggest smiles and was starting to use his body and vocalizations to communicate when I left Uganda; to work with a 4 year old with cerebral palsy who began demonstrating communicative intent by loudly vocalizing and waving her arms when I left Uganda; to work with a 2 year old with autism who was starting to use signs and simple sounds when I left Uganda; to work with moms and grandmas who are warriors for their children, and champions for Hope Speaks, ensuring that not only their children, but every child with a disability is receiving services; to work with a staff whose endless dedication and heart for serving is unparalleled.

It is my passion for serving these clients and their families that is my driving force in returning to Uganda. I humbly ask that you partner with me both in prayer and monetarily as I pursue this passion of serving wonderful communities in Uganda that I have grown to know and love. Please read the blurb below to learn more about Hope Speaks and contact me with any questions or to chat further about all the incredible work Hope Speaks does--I'm sure to talk your ear off!

Hope Speaks is a wonderful ministry to help children with disabilities in Kampala, Uganda. 1 in 7 children are living with a disability. Their main ministry is providing Speech Therapy to hundreds of these children. They teach them to swallow, chew, understand and express language, and so much more. Many of the volunteers are Speech Language Pathology grad students, as well as Speech Therapy professionals. This will help them reach many more children with these services. 

Hope Speaks has gone beyond that and also includes hosting other groups who help with projects, food for families, children's day camps, and going and serving in the slums.

Every donation is important and will enable me to be present and help these children with disabilities. Would you kindly consider making a donation? Also, I would appreciate your willingness to share this with others who may want to participate.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life and helping me accomplish something that's important to all of us! God bless you!

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Glen Ellyn, IL
Bringing hope and raising voices for children with disabilities through speech-language...
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Catherine Pinas
Chicago, IL

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Kampala, Central Region, Uganda

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Hope Speaks's Fundraiser-Cat Pinas

by Catherine Pinas 350 Lives Impacted Kampala, Central Region, Uganda

After much prayer and consideration, I feel God is calling me to return to Uganda with Hope Speaks for my clinical fellowship--a 9 month placement ...

$7,327 One-time Donations
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