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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has suffered decades of war and political instability. The DRC is now in a post-conflict situation. The country has lost most of its infrastructure and is struggling to return to peace. Extreme poverty and disease are rampant in communities throughout the country. The destruction of the social structure has led to abandonment and caused a rise in social issues such as human trafficking. In Kinshasa, the N’sele area is one of the most impoverished areas. The lack of access to health care, education, clean water and basic necessities has caused children and families to become vulnerable to trafficking, AIDS and extreme poverty. The children of N’sele are some of the most at-risk children in Kinshasa. There is a dire need for an initiative that will help rebuild individual lives and strengthen communities. It is to this end that we propose to partner with Mwangaza International to build and operate a Hope Center in N’sele. 


The Mpasa I area in the N’sele Commune, city-province of Kinshasa. The area is known for a very low literacy rate, teen pregnancies and STDs. The lack of potable water also affects the lives of thousands of people in the community. 


Mwangaza International (MI) has already started a ‘Hope Group’ in N’sele as a precursor to the Hope Center. MI is currently facilitating community support groups and organizing activities for teenagers and children in the area. The areas of intervention are empowerment, orphan care, awareness and health

The HOPE CENTER will serve as a community center - a hub for development, education and empowerment, with a goal to build community and alleviate vulnerability. The center will be a mid-sized building (approx. the size of 4-5 classrooms), and importantly, it will include a water well and purification system. This building will become a meeting place for the community, hosting after school programs for children, leadership training, skills/trade training, community forums, clean water point, literacy classes, health & hygiene courses, AIDS awareness, programs for teenage moms, and enrich family empowerment. The Hope Center in N’sele will serve around 300 children and families!

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HON - DR Congo-NSele Hope Center

by Help One Now 200 Lives Impacted Congo

the REALITY The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has suffered decades of war and political instability. The DRC is now in a post-conflict situ...

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  • $100,000 One-time Goal
  • $94,580 Still Needed
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