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His Mercy Christian School - an education and community development initiative of Help One Now in Mayuge, Uganda - provides quality education to almost 400 children in the Mayuge District of Uganda. It is also a community hub, investing in future generations through education and development.

The Reality

Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, is a beautiful country with a difficult past, a challenging present, and a promising future. Conflict persists in its northern region, it is home to over 2.5 million orphans, well over half the population is under the age of 18, and nearly 40% of Ugandans live in poverty.

Kikubo village, in the Mayuge District of Uganda, is one of the poorest villages in the country. The people of Kikubo are primarily subsistence farmers who live peasantry lives. Illiteracy levels are high and superstitious beliefs are commonplace. Access to job opportunities, healthcare and quality education is scarce. As a result many people live in extreme poverty, die from preventable diseases and children remain at high risk for being trafficked in to slavery.

The School

A few years ago, Edward Magumba and his church started a school for orphans and children from extremely poor families in Kikubo village — a village where very few could afford even the subsidized school fees. He believes education will help children have a bright future, restore hope in their lives, help them access economic opportunities, and give them the tools to transform their community.

His Mercy Christian School currently provides quality education to more almost 400 students, including a hot meal for students and staff every day. It also serves as a hub for community development work including healthcare, micro lending, leadership development, orphan care and more.

Help One Now sustains the operations of this school and the accompanying development work through our vulnerable child sponsorship program and our Help One Classroom campaign.

The Project

This fundraiser will provide for the installation of a durable and secure fence to enclose the main classrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and dormitory buildings at His Mercy School.

The school is located in an area that is surrounded by the homes and farmland of village residents. There is also a water well located on the school land that provides clean water and is regularly accessed by members of the community. As a result, foot traffic across school land is common at all hours of the day and, at times, can be disruptive to the students during school hours. Additionally, without a fence it is difficult for the leadership at His Mercy School to ensure that only safe and trusted individuals enter the school and to keep track of when visitors, as well as students, come and go.

As a quality education institution, His Mercy School strives to ensure that all students and staff have a secure environment to learn and work. Many teachers and students live at the school for the duration of terms, and their safety and security both day and night are essential. This fence will help reinforce a sense of security and peace of mind for the students and staff of His Mercy School.

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HON - Uganda - His Mercy School Fence

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His Mercy Christian School - an education and community development initiative of Help One Now in Mayuge, Uganda - provid...

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