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Kairos Village will provide counseling, comfort, love, and restoration to children rescued from abusive and sexually exploitative situations. The kids will have an opportunity to attend school, receive regular, nutritious meals, and will be given access to healthcare. They will also have a comforting family environment, with a house mother and 3-4 other rescued children in a safe and secure home.


There are no roads that lead to Iquitos, Peru; the city of nearly 600,000 is only accessible by plane or boat. The landscape has stunning natural beauty, the culture is a wonderful mix of old- and new-world, and the people are warm, friendly, and resourceful. Unfortunately, the isolation of Iquitos is a breeding ground for poverty, low education, alcoholism, and poor physical and mental health. In Belen, a township of Iquitos, homes are built on stilts or to float above the river. Overcrowding is the norm; often, multiple families will live in a simple, small one-room space. As many parents are forced to work long hours to make ends meet, they must leave their small children at home. This leads to abuse, sexual exploitation, forced prostitution, and disease. Our partners in Iquitos, Mercedes Malpartida and her son Willie, have a better vision for their community. They see hope, progress and transformation. They are already providing a quality education for over 500 students each year, and offering counseling and support for struggling families.  And now, Help One Now and Kairos ministries will partner together to make an even greater impact.


Kairos Village, which is modeled after our very successful Ferrier Village in Haiti, will consist of several small homes, each housing 4-5 rescued children and a house mother. Every home will have two bedrooms, a living room, indoor plumbing, running water, and electricity. There will be a community center with a kitchen, dining hall, and the Village offices. A clean water and sanitation system will be constructed as well. There will also be a large security wall built for the safety of the Village children and staff. Phase 1 of Kairos Village will allow the Malpartidas to rescue up to 25 children, who will be restored, counseled, and loved. Those children will be able to attend school, receive nutritious meals, and be given access to physical and mental health care. Phase 2 will include five additional homes and a community garden. Furthermore, it will help fund the development and implementation of a transition program to help prepare the children for adulthood, either through college preparations or vocational training. 

We need your help to make this partnership a success!

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Help One Now - Peru
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Kairos Village will provide counseling, comfort, love, and restoration to children rescued from abusive and sexually exploitative situations. The k...

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