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Why Ferrier Village?

4 years ago I sat for the first time at ANC in Austin and heard about an organization called Help End Local Poverty (now HelpOneNow) who was building houses in a border town in Haiti where kids were being rescued from traffickers. I had no idea where Haiti was and did not understand about trafficking.  All of my life I had been a "sender": I had never wanted to go on a mission trip but you could count on me for support. At ANC that day I knew 2 things: 1. I was going to downsize my life and sell everything I could to raise money to build a house in Ferrier Village (thank you Jen Hatmaker!) and 2. I was going to Haiti. I have now been to Haiti twice and had the honor of going to Ferrier Village in January of 2015. I am in love with the children and all of the people who make Ferrier Village a possibility. I sponsor through HelpOneNow, I support HelpOneNow and now I fundraise for HelpOneNow. We are building a tribe that wants to be a part of making a change in children's lives in Haiti and I hope you will join me!

What is the #TenDollarTribe?

The #TenDollarTribe is a group of people who commit to giving $10 a month to one of our communities around the world. As the Tribes grow, their impact will exponentially increase from providing hot meals and educational opportunities to constructing community based building's and facilities. Your generosity will serve as a foundational element of support for Ferrier Village in Haiti

What will the #TenDollarTribe impact be?

Within Ferrier Village, your $10 will be used to impact lives on a daily basis. For example, $10 might provide 7 cooked meals, or a go towards a month’s worth of school supplies, or two weeks of cooking fuel for a local family. Get this – $10 accounts for two days of fair wages for a teacher! As always, this work is being accomplished through amazing local leaders; our leaders are Jean Alix Paul and Rosena Joseph! We truly believe that a large #TenDollarTribe will bring immediate and lasting change to the community of Ferrier, and that will seep out into the entire country of Haiti. Imagine what 50 #TenDollarTribe members could do for this community. Now, dream about what hundreds of members could do! 

Will you join the Ferrier Village #TenDollarTribe?

Would you consider joining my #TenDollarTribe to be a part of the wonderful work HelpOneNow is doing with the local leaders in Ferrier Village? You can give more than $10 if you feel can give a one time donation if a monthly commitment seems too much for you...please consider giving in some way to help us improve the lives of these children in Ferrier Village. If you know someone who would be interested in joining the tribe please pass this on.

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Help One Now 3M
Raleigh, NC, US
Help One Now empowers families in developing countries through high-capacity local lead...
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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michelle l warren
Dagsboro, Delaware, United States

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Ended - January 01, 2017
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HelpOneNow Ten Dollar Tribe - Ferrier, Haiti

by michelle l warren 5K Lives Impacted

Why Ferrier Village?4 years ago I sat for the first time at ANC in Austin and heard about an organization called Help End Local Poverty (now HelpOn...

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