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Yahve Shamma is a children’s home in Petionville, Haiti, that Help One Now has had the privilege of walking alongside for the last 5 years, helping to bring strength, stability, and health to Pastor Gaetan’s vision. Currently, more than thirty orphans receive care, provision, and—most importantly—love, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yahve Shamma also serves as a community hub for the town of Petionville, a place that suffered great losses in the 2010 earthquake. In addition to the over 30 children living at Yahve Shamma, 300 other children from the Petionville community currently attend school at Williamson Adrien Academy, a school Help One Now helped build on the property.  

The children are currently living in bunkhouses
we built for them 5 1/2 years ago, when the children themselves were still very small.  While they were definitely an upgrade to their living situation at the time (tents), they are no longer suitable for their needs.  Quite simply—the children have outgrown them.  It has no place for staff, separate bathroom facilities, and it is much too cramped for Pastor Gaetan and Yahve Shamma to have the ability to take in more children.  

The new dormitories will meet the standards of the IBESR (Haiti’s social services). There will be 4 rooms of 5 children on each side (which increases their capacity for orphaned or abandoned children by 33%!), along with space for house moms to help extend the wonderful care being given by Pastor and Madame Gaetan. There will be a common area, a dining hall, and indoor bathroom facilities. It will be a home they can all be truly proud of—a home that will continue to restore dignity to the children.

Help make these dormitories a reality and continue the amazing, restorative work being done at Yahve Shamma!

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  • $175,000 One-time Goal
  • $121,069 Still Needed
  • 100,000 Lives Impacted
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Build a Home for the Children of Yahve Shamma

by Help One Now 100K Lives Impacted Haiti

Yahve Shamma is a children’s home in Petionville, Haiti, that Help One Now has had the privilege of walking alongside for the last 5 years, he...

$53,931 One-time Donations
  • $175,000 One-time Goal
  • $121,069 Still Needed
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