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The Reality

The Dominican Republic is a small island nation that sits on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. Its history is deeply rooted in the Spanish colonial era, and it has gained much of its prosperity from the export of its tropical goods, such as tobacco, sugar, and bananas. There are nearly 10 million residents in the country, and many benefit from the prosperous economy mainly fueled by export and tourism, but there are also many who don't. Much of the country's poverty can be found in its rural communities, often amongst those cultivating its many export crops. One such community is Neyba - located in thesouthwestern corner of the country, near the border with Haiti. It is surrounded by a lush valley that gives way to most of the country's sugar cane farming. Most of the residents of Neyba work the fields and barely make enough to support their families. The need has been great for many years, and in 1985, Pastor Fernando Cuevas Matos responded to the need. He and several other pastors planted a church in the town and continued to work to meet the needs of the people through the creation of a school and children's home. Both have seen much success over the years, as they have touched the lives of thousands of children and families. In 2015, Help One Now was approached about partnering with this work and helping it grow to another level through community development, family empowerment, and anti-trafficking. This work will take time to develop, but we are excited to work toward lasting change for the country of the Dominican Republic.

The Home

Help One Now has launched its work in the Dominican Republic by taking on the responsibility of Hogar de Esperanza in the town of Neyba. We will work alongside the local staff to care for these 16 children and ensure their well-being. This year, we will start a child sponsorship program to sustain the operations of the home and meet the needs of the children. Through this sponsorship, the basic needs of food, clean water, clothing, medical care, and education are met for the children. The home is run by Eduardo and Mayra Cuervas Urbaez, who work every moment of every day to make sure the children are given the utmost care and love. As many of the children are older and nearing graduation from secondary school, we will also implement a transition program to help these children and many others to be set up for success as they go out into the world as adults.

The Future

Big dreams are already beginning at Hogar de Esperanza. There are some incredible opportunities for the community of Neyba in the coming years, including various community development initiatives and the addition of a Help One Now Community Impact Village to care for the most vulnerable and at-risk children in the community. We will be working hand in hand with the locals in Neyba to understand and determine their greatest needs, and how we can work together to see change and renewal for their community.

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Help One Now - Dominican Republic-Neyba

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The RealityThe Dominican Republic is a small island nation that sits on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. Its history is deeply rooted in the Spanish ...

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