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Job Title: Accounts Director
Amount Needed: $65 (any amount helps)
Reference Number: UG-677-S028

Francis is very passionate about the Bible and loves the BTCM children. He is incredible with the complicated accounting it takes to manage the ministry and he is passionate about mentoring our children and being sure they are always learning how to follow Jesus.

A Day in His Life: Primarily, Francis can be found behind his computer screen working diligently on the complicated budget of caring for 300+ kids, 50 staff, a Primary school, and the Children’s homes. He always goes above and beyond, and he is truly a gifted accountant!

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Tulsa, OK, US
To be the love of Christ to Uganda’s orphaned and vulnerable children, equipping them t...
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Mabale, Western Region, Uganda

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Francis Ntege, Accountants Director

by Bless the Children Ministries 300 Lives Impacted Mabale, Western Region, Uganda

FrancisJob Title: Accounts Director Amount Needed: $65 (any amount helps) Reference Number: UG-677-S028Francis is very passionate about the Bible a...

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