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In 2016 a three-year old named Fazia changed my life forever.
I had been working in construction management for fifteen years. During a vacation, I volunteered to help install an aquaponic system for a school in a developing area of Belize. That was a life changing experience. That experience brought me to challenge my purpose in life. My job in construction management was no longer filling my soul.
When I took inventory of my life, the decision became clear: I parted ways with the construction job. I wanted to surrender to that small, still voice in my heart that was telling me to walk a new path. I asked myself, what would it look like to help others? What would life as a full-time volunteer look like? Could I let go of the life I had built for myself, the only life I knew?
I chose to follow my instincts and become fully committed to working with Develop Sustainability making a difference in third world countries.
During my travels, I got the opportunity to meet and hear stories of countless orphans and young people. I witnessed firsthand a heartbreaking truth. Many children throughout the world have been abandoned. Others have lost parents to alcoholism/addiction or death. Even worse, many were becoming human commodities in the sex trade system.

That’s where I met Faiza. Each morning, a group of three-year old’s from the orphanage visited our job site. Fazia would run to meet me with open arms and a huge smile. Her pure joy melted away every problem, complaint, or frustration in my life and immediately filled me with Love. There was no turning back, I had found my life’s purpose. Service to not only Fazia but children like Fazia.
Not everyone can devote their life to service. Impact can happen when action is taken amongst a wide range of people and talents coming together for a common cause. I found in my own experience, when I am generous with my heart, time, resources, and skills, it seems to come back to me in abundance. I become filled with joy and contentment, a feeling that I have not been able to find any other place. My intention is not to give to get, but to give to give, and keep giving. Living in a constant flow of Love.
I am inspired by the lasting impact that Love can have on a community by witnessing transformation firsthand. More importantly, I have seen what this transformation can mean to the individual human spirit by seeing it through the lens of Barnabas, the adopted son of Brenda and Jason Sommer. By following the guiding light of Brenda and Jason through some very dark corners of the earth, it has brought me to understand some harsh truths.
There are very few opportunities for young people as they transition out of orphanages in the poor third world countries that Developing Sustainability supports. Our passion and goals align to providing practical vocations and business management skills to emerging young people. As a result, we fight poverty and empower people to change in Uganda, Africa and beyond. By giving a piece of ourselves, we bring hope where it is needed the most.
Not everybody is called to do this work and it is not easy. Our team needs prayer and emotional support. We need financial help from monthly supporters to stay sustainable and live a life of service. I am inviting each one of you to participate in this journey by becoming one of my sponsors. May God bless you for your generosity.
Thank you for helping me make a difference!

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Develop Sustainability's- Eric Stanfield

by Develop Sustainability Organization 2K Lives Impacted Uganda

ABOUT ERIC STANFIELDIn 2016 a three-year old named Fazia changed my life forever.I had been working in construction management for fifteen years. D...

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