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I have exciting news - I AM ADOPTING.

Yes, you read that right.

No, not a puppy. 

I am currently in the homestudy portion of foster care adoption.

While adopting a child from foster care isn't nearly as expensive as a non-foster adoption, there are still costs incurred for home studies, lawyers, travel, and getting the home ready for the little guy or gal.

Or, in my case, guys or gals. That's right - I hope to adopt a sibling set! 

I will be adopting as a single parent which is scary but exciting. 

Would you join me on this journey? Any donation is helpful to bringing my family together.

Thank you! ❤

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AdoptTogether 0
Springboro, OH, US
All donations go directly to AdoptTogether as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions

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Debbie Phillips
Shelbyville, IN, US

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Indiana, United States

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Debbie Phillips Adoption

by Debbie Phillips 1 Lives Impacted Indiana, United States

I have exciting news - I AM ADOPTING.Yes, you read that right.No, not a puppy. I am currently in the homestudy portion of foster care adoption.Whil...

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