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Coconut Robot Challenge

Coconut Robot Challenge

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You know when you teeter back and forth between "we can totally do this!" and "what have I gotten myself into?"

Yeah that.
That is where I am right now.

You see, I've decided that we could, over the next three weeks, provide funding for 8 children to be adopted in Ethiopia.

I chose the Kidmia Foundation for this challenge as soon as I read out their mission and ministry.  Our family is in the middle of our adoption journey, and my parents will be in Ethiopia this month serving and providing medical assistance for its people.

I might be overly emotional right now, but I started crying as I read the meaning behind the name:

In Amharic, the language of Ethiopia, "kidmia" means "priority."


Beging treated as important.  The Kidmia Foundation is doing just that for these children and families.
You can read stories of lives being changed through the Kidmia Foundation here!

So even as I complete this post, I am nervous.

Can we do this?
Can we change the lives of 8 children in the next three weeks?

 Let's start by giving Kidmu a home.  A family.

 Tomorrow is my birthday.  I know that most of you aren't planning on buying me a gift--but would you consider the gift of a family for these children?  Perhaps for valentine's day this year, you ask for a gift to be made to the Kidmia Foundation.

If just 80 of us give $25, we are already there.

Don't look around and wait for others to give--will you prove my nervousness wrong?

Can we make an impact together?

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  • $2,000 Funding Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
  • 31 Lives Impacted
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Kacia Hosmer
PITTSBURGH, PA - Pennsylvania, United States

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Funded - March 07, 2013
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Coconut Robot Challenge

by Kacia Hosmer 31 Lives Impacted

You know when you teeter back and forth between "we can totally do this!" and "what have I gotten myself into?"Yeah that.That is where I am right n...

$2,541 Amount Raised
  • $2,000 Funding Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
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