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Over the past 2 years, God has performed a magnificent work in my life. He has transformed my life and revealed to me many things in a short time. God taught me, through the transparency of other people in my life, to forgive myself and live forward. I was living a defeated life by allowing the devil to feed me lies, telling me I couldn’t serve God because of my past sins. I was no longer good enough to truly make a difference for the kingdom. Well, the truth of the matter is, I was never good enough or, for that matter, bad enough. The fact is, it’s not about me! It’s about Jesus Christ and Him crucified. You see, when I accepted Christ, God no longer saw me, He saw a spotless lamb. Jesus is at the right hand of God interceding for us continuously. I don’t have to live defeated, I’m a winner in Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

How did I discover these things? Well, I had been under conviction for quite some time over the lifestyle I had, once again, fallen into. I began attending church regular and then was invited to a small group bible study at Mickey Caldwell’s house. With some apprehension, I went. The first night, I just took it all in, but immediately saw through other folks’ transparency about sin and struggles in their own lives, that I was not alone. Other people were going through very similar, if not exactly the same struggles I was. And better yet, God understands and He is there, longing for us just to reach out to Him and have a relationship with Him. Yes, the creator of everything I see wants an intimate personal relationship with me!!! Thank you Lord! John 15:12-17

At this point, God showed me that I needed to forget my past and my current sins and struggles and just plug into Him. I tried to serve Him in any way possible. Small group bible study on Wednesday night went from apprehension to great anticipation. God opened doors through countless divine appointments for Mickey and I to be involved in disciple making groups in different homes 4 nights a week. It was amazing what God was doing through just a little bit of obedience in my life. We saw several people saved or rededicate their lives to Christ, had people baptized in horse troughs in their own homes, and people were getting on fire for God. Philippians 3:13-14

God has continued to transform my life through disciple making groups, attending church, and very importantly through me having a daily personal relationship with Jesus Christ. All this hasn’t happened overnight and I’ve still made a lot of mistakes. I still have daily struggles, but God has revealed to me that there is no condemnation to those who love Christ and are called according to His purpose. Will I continue to sin? Unfortunately, yes I will, but it is my goal to sin less daily. Romans 8:1

A study called 40 Days in the Word changed my life. It showed me the importance of daily bible reading and prayer, as well as keeping a journal. There is something about writing out scriptures, applications and even prayers that God honors. Getting deeper into God’s word has made me more sensitive to His holy spirit and has truly changed my desires. I now see the importance and the intentionality needed to reach lost souls. My priorities have switched from worldly desires to desires to further the kingdom. I once looked at church as a place I went on Sunday to make myself feel better about the way I lived during the week. Now I see it as somewhere I go to celebrate and worship God and talk about the people I’ve talked to about Jesus during the week. However, I also realized that church wasn’t somewhere I went at all. God showed me that I am the church and it’s not just on Sunday, it’s a daily lifestyle. It is my call and purpose as a Christian and as His church to reach people

who are far from God and make disciples, one life at a time. I must reach out to people in my oikos (circle of influence) and tell them God’s story and my story. If I don’t, who will? I have to realize that God is at work in people’s lives continuously, it’s up to me to seek Him and get in on what He is doing. In summary, I am in no way saying to forsake the gathering together on Sunday. That is an important platform and is very much needed. However, we have got to realize that WE are THE CHURCH every day. God has called us all to the great commission. We have to get out and share God’s story and our story every chance we get. If you start looking for opportunities, God will put people in your path. It is important to reach out to the people in our oikos who are far from God. Look for common ground and as soon as they give you an opening, try to get in their home for a C4 group. People are looking to fill the void in their life and they’re filling them with things of this world, which still leaves the void. It may bring temporary happiness, but they are still looking for true joy and peace. Only Jesus Christ and a relationship with Him can bring this TRUE joy and peace. …..So now what is God’s purpose for our lives?

Jer. 1:4-8, Jer. 29:11-14a, Acts 17:26-28, Col. 1:16, Matt. 22:37-40, Matt. 28:19-20………Romans 12:1-2, Gal. 2:20

Through my experiences with disciple making groups and the transformation that has taken place in my own life, I believe that God has called me to spread this good news and to help train others in helping reproduce this powerful tool. Missionaries are needed all over the world for many different reasons, but they are also needed right here in our Jerusalem. God has given me a great passion for the necessity of disciple making groups in every church body. It is my desire to be obedient to what I know God has called me to do for the kingdom and His glory. I desire to help people see the need to get out of the pews and into the streets of their own oikos to help reach people that are the closest to them that are far from God. Will you help me in these efforts to accomplish what should be every Christian’s mission: "To reach people who are far from God and create reproducing disciples, one life at a time!"

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Ended - December 31, 2099
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Clinton's Staff Support Fundraiser

by Darrell Kilcup 100 Lives Impacted

Over the past 2 years, God has performed a magnificent work in my life. He has transformed my life and revealed to me many things in a short time...

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