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Christmas is fast approaching, and our kids & staff are excited to hear from their sponsors!

This year, we are asking sponsors to give each child & staff member a new outfit and shoes for Christmas! Though it seems like a simple gift, it is the customary traditional Christmas gift in Uganda and it will be treasured.    

In lieu of sending physical outfits and shoes this year, we are asking sponsors to spread Christmas cheer by making a $25 donation so that we can purchase a special outfit and pair of shoes in country. These purchases will also help benefit the economy of our kids' local communities. Because our sponsorship letters will be traveling back with Hedwig & Allan when they return to Uganda, they will not have enough space to carry extra items with them.

The children cherish hearing from their sponsors just as much as the gift, so please don’t forget to send a letter, card, or email along with your gift donation!  

Please make your donation and turn your letters in by October 16.

Options for Sending Gift Funds:

-Click the "Donate" button now 

- Send a check to: 
Bless the Children Ministries
Lockbox Dept 240
PO Box 701683
Tulsa, OK 74170

Sending Letters: A letter from their sponsor means the world to our children and staff! They cannot wait to read your letters, learn about you, and write you a letter in return!

- You can send letters/cards/photos/stickers/anything FLAT. 
- Put everything in a single, FLAT envelope no bigger than 9x12.
- Please do not seal your envelope.
- Label it with your child or staff's name and number (you can get this information on your photo card you recently received in the mail).

Drop off Options and Locations for Letters:
- Please drop it off or mail it to Marsha Baker-McCoy, 9340 S. 95th E. Place, Tulsa, OK 74133
- Email your letter to
- Bring it to BTCM's Celebration Dinner (Tulsa or Nashville)

Due no later than October 16!  Thank you so much for your love and support of our children and staff!

Ideas for letters:

  • Tell them about you and your family
  • Tell them how much God loves them, share your favorite Scriptures or what God has been doing in your life
  • Ask questions about them
  • Remind them how deeply you care about them
  • Encourage them to stay focused on their education
  • Tell them about your pets
  • Share with them about where you live and the weather
  • Send photos, stickers, bookmarks, anything flat that fits in 9x12 envelope!  

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by Bless the Children Ministries 1K Lives Impacted Uganda

Christmas is fast approaching, and our kids & staff are excited to hear from their sponsors!This year, we are asking sponsors to give e...

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