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We are adopting a child!

Sondra and I are absolutely grateful.  It's been a long difficult road.   It's been 6 years since we originally started this process...and after many battles and way more opposition & paperwork than we ever dreamed...we are close to adding a precious life to our family.  The synopsis below captures just a little bit of what we've faced thus far:

"Tim and his family live near Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. Alice is now 12 and Quinn is 10. After a number of miscarriages that Sondra and Tim painfully endured, and then discovering how many children across Canada were needing parents, they felt deeply compelled and moved to start the adoption process. Sadly, from losing their paperwork to not returning their calls and emails to not updating their file, Tim and Sondra moved on from their local adoption agency to hire an international adoption practitioner. They targeted Ukraine as a suitable country to adopt from and have been pushing forward through the long arduous process. With generous donations from family and friends on "Go Fund Me" to donors rising forth with offers to help, Tim and Sondra feel strongly that they're finally being ADVOCATED FOR PROPERLY in this heart-wrenching process of sharing their love and lives, indeed everything they have, with a child."

As part of our adoption process, we have started a crowdfunding campaign. It may surprise you to hear that adoption related costs can easily total up to $35,000 or more.  We'd be grateful for anything you could offer and we're well aware of what it means to sacrifice funds to a noble cause.   As a family we are trusting in both WORKING HARD IN OUR BUSINESS & BEING SUPPORTED BOLDLY & WILDLY as the long-term purpose of adopting a little one compels us strongly to move forward.

We hope that by inviting you into this process, you will see yourself as part of the community we hope to build around our child as he/she grows up.  It truly takes a whole community to raise a child and we understand profoundly the depth of interdependence needed to help a young life.

Thank you all so very much for your prayers and acts of kindness on behalf of our family.   Truly appreciated more than you know!  We're continually indebted to our venerable and utterly precious Creator and those precious souls we get to share Life's journey with.  

With deep love...Tim, Sondra, Alice & Quinn

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  • $10,000 One-time Goal
  • $6,700 Still Needed
  • 1 Lives Impacted

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Tim & Sondra Burton Family Adoption

by Timothy Burton 1 Lives Impacted Ukraine

We have AWESOME BREAKING NEWS! We are adopting a child! Sondra and I are absolutely grateful.  It's been a long difficult road.   It's been 6...

$3,300 One-time Donations
  • $10,000 One-time Goal
  • $6,700 Still Needed
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