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Boys' Dormitory at His Mercy School Uganda

Boys' Dormitory at His Mercy School Uganda

Mayuge, Eastern Region, Uganda
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The School

His Mercy School currently provides quality education to over 300 students in Mayuge, Uganda, including a hot meal for students and staff every day. It also serves as a hub for community development work, including healthcare, micro lending, leadership development, orphan care and more. Help One Now sustains the operations of this school and the accompanying development work through our vulnerable child sponsorship program and our Help One Classroom campaign.

The Project

This fundraiser will build a larger, more suitable dormitory for students at His Mercy School. Last year, thanks to your enthusiastic support, we were able to open a beautiful girl’s dormitory that now houses 60 girls! Currently, the boys who are boarding at His Mercy School still share one large room. There is very little space for privacy or quiet study. By completing this second dormitory, there will also be space to house 60 boys. These dorms will provide a safe, secure home for orphaned children in the Help One Now sponsorship program, as well as students who come from vulnerable or unsuitable home environments. Furthermore, because boarding schools are very common in Uganda, the students that are able will also pay a small fee, which will help generate revenue and offset the cost of the other students.

This new dormitory will have space for up to 60 boys to have a safe, secure place in which to live and receive an education.  It will have rooms for the boys, as well as space for house mothers to help provide a stable, loving environment. This project also includes a small building for teacher housing, which will increase the school’s ability to attract quality teachers out to this rural area. As always, we will use local Ugandan laborers and materials, which will create jobs so local workers can provide for their families and fuel economic growth.

Completing this dormitory will allow His Mercy School to double their ability to provide a safe, stable learning environment for the children of Mayuge! Altogether this project will impact 500 people every year. Partner with us to see these students empowered and their community transformed!

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  • $76,000 One-time Goal
  • $74,400 Still Needed
  • 500 Lives Impacted
  • 1917 Days To Go

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Mayuge, Eastern Region, Uganda

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Boys' Dormitory at His Mercy School Uganda

by Help One Now 500 Lives Impacted Mayuge, Eastern Region, Uganda

The School His Mercy School currently provides quality education to over 300 students in Mayuge, Uganda, including a hot meal for students and ...

$1,600 One-time Donations
  • $76,000 One-time Goal
  • $74,400 Still Needed
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