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Last month we were invited to train a group of young people, for another organization, who are preparing to leave for an area hostile to the Gospel.  After the five day training, the participants asked if they could tell us what the training had meant to them.  We are always happy to hear from our participants, and determine how we can better serve them in future trainings.

One trainee told us: "I have many things I am trying to figure out how to incorporate into our ministry. Then you come with the oral strategy, and suddenly I can see all the pieces, like islands, being connected by the orality river. This is one of the best trainings that we have had for the field. 

Another said, "I thought we were just going to learn some stories, but you have taught a theology class through story"

After this course I have the expectation of lots of rich times with others, one on one. I just feel the newness of the Scriptures, and the newness of my relationship with the Lord.  The Lord’s relationship with me is refreshed, and I am anticipating more of the same. 

Many people think that teaching the Bible through story is something for children.  We know that teaching the Bible through story allows oral people to meditate on God's Word, to share with their friends and family, and allows the establishment of reproducing churches in many unreached areas of the world.

Please keep these young people in your prayers as they are even now leaving for their respective fields of ministry.

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